8 Stylish and minimalist HTML5 buttons

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button in the Web page interaction is very important, this article mainly share some of the appearance of fashion and simple HTML5 button, some buttons with rich HTML5 animation, some buttons have a refreshing appearance, to give people a refreshing feeling, together to see it.

1. Bootstrap-based jquery switch button combination

Bootstrap is an open source front-end development package launched by Twitter that is very powerful. Today we are going to share this jquery switch button combination is based on the bootstrap frame, look at the theme of the button style, are also bootstrap style style, relatively fresh and simple. This jquery switch button is available for your different application needs, including style, size, and more.

Online Demo/Source download

2. CSS3 Volume adjustment Rotation button

Before we shared a lot of HTML5 video players that can adjust the volume, most of the volume adjustment buttons are more common, no features. Today to share a CSS3-based volume adjustment rotation button, just press and hold the mouse to rotate the button to adjust the volume. This is a very special rotary button.

Online Demo/Source download

3. Beautiful CSS3 round corner button combination

We have been sharing a lot of beautiful CSS3 buttons before, such as this pure CSS3 realizes the texture luminescent animated button and last year released HTML5/CSS3 a group of lovely 3D button. Today to share is a CSS3 rounded button, this group of buttons have different color themes, using the CSS3 feature to achieve the fillet effect, looks pretty good.

Online Demo/Source download

4. HTML5 SVG Creative Switch toggle button

For the switch switch button, we have already shared a lot in the previous article, such as CSS3 creative switch button is very good. Today we're going to share an SVG and HTML5 based switch toggle button, the mouse button can be toggled back and forth to toggle the state of the button, sliding animation effect is very good.

Online Demo/Source download

5. CSS3 Mouse Hover Animation button Collection

Before we introduced a lot of cool and practical CSS3 buttons, such as the pure CSS3 to achieve the texture of the animated button animation effect is very beautiful. This time to share is also a good CSS3 animation button, when we move the mouse over the button, the button will show different ways of animation effect, you can see the specific demonstration.

Online Demo/Source download

6. HTML5/CSS3 Mouse Hover Animation menu button

We have previously shared many cool HTML5/CSS3 menus, including multi-level drop-down menus, animated menus, and more. Today to share a CSS3-based mouse hover animation menu button, the menu is composed of small buttons, when we move the mouse over the menu item, the icon on the button will appear suspended animation effect.

Online Demo/Source download

7, pure CSS3 realize texture illuminated animation button

Before we shared a lot of beautiful page button animations, you can move to the CSS3 button category to see a variety of CSS3 buttons. This time to share the CSS3 button has a textured background, and the mouse over the button when the button border will glow, showing a 3D stereoscopic visual effect.

Online Demo/Source download

8, CSS3 creative Switch Switch button

Today we are going to share a very creative CSS3 switch button, similar to the previously shared CSS3 illuminated switch button, it also has a button switch after the click of the animation effect, more special is that the button during the switching process of its border will produce a twist animation effect, looks very good.

Online Demo/Source download

The above is the 8 stylish and simple HTML5 button, welcome to share the collection.

8 Stylish and minimalist HTML5 buttons

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