8 tips to prevent computer crashes

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  1. Be careful when unplugging hardware equipment

Hard to pull hardware equipment to be careful operation to prevent the Board card contact bad. Some friends are not usually DIY fans frequently plug the card, so that the most easily lead to the card parts and socket contact is bad and the crash phenomenon. Be sure to plug in the CPU after replacing it. Some start up when the crash is because the CPU is not plugged in well.

 2. Loading software should focus on order

When loading some software, focus on priorities. Some software because the programming is not standard, cannot run first, but should put in the last run, this will not cause the system to govern the confusion. When running a large application, it is best not to run many other programs before exiting, or it may cause the WINDOWS98 system to crash.

3.BIOS settings are appropriate

In many ways to reduce computer crashes, there is a word "BIOS" that is frequently mentioned. Although the promotion of the best BIOS settings, but the so-called optimal is relative, sometimes the best settings will cause startup or run panic.

If the panic occurs due to improper BIOS setup, the BIOS should be restored to the factory default settings immediately. Also, before upgrading the motherboard or the BIOS of the display card, be sure to determine whether the version number of the BIOS you want to upgrade matches the Board model, and recommend that you back up the original version, just in case.

  4.CPU better not to overclocking too high

Now the CPU and display card because of the adoption of a new process, so have a good overclocking performance, chasing High-frequency, overclocking CPU has become a popular machine. However, just as you are delighted with the high-speed work that overclocking brings to you, the crash is quietly threatening your computer.

Overclocking is very easy to cause system instability or even panic. For the crash caused by overclocking, should be in time to reduce frequency, or restore its rated operating frequency, to ensure the stability of the computer work.

 5. Less use of unidentified floppy disk

Less use of dubious disk, do not easily unpack, running the attachment in email, so as not to infect the virus. For example, the "ILoveYou" virus, which was popular in the previous period, was transmitted through this way.

6. The software does not end normally, cannot shut down the machine

When the application software is not finished properly, do not shut down, otherwise it may cause the system file damage and cause the panic. This is very important for systems such as win Non-segmental Dows95/98/nt. In addition, it is best not to overwrite when you are prompted to install the application software to overwrite the file. Usually system files are the most stable and cannot be overwritten according to the time.

  7. Smaller memory do not run larger programs

If your love machine memory is small (such as 8MB, 16MB), it is best not to run Occupy memory large application, otherwise in the runtime is very easy to panic. It is recommended that you save the document that is currently in use when you run these programs.

  8. Clean the chassis dust in time

The air contains a large number of dust, as time passes the chassis will accumulate a large number of dust, it should be timely clean-up, or seriously affect the cooling effect, and dust contact with the Board circuit will cause short circuit, resulting in panic.

In addition, try not to use pirated software, because these software may hide the murderous.

Computer crash prevention lies in our daily use of computers, as long as your life into the above these small habits, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of computer crashes.

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