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From the website design company Weavora.com, this article introduces 8 Web design trends in Their Eyes: single page, photo background, color block design, oversized picture, compact focus, responsive design, parallax scrolling, accent font, each with a number of cases behind each trend, I believe that the Web designer will have a certain reference value.

Single page

The design of a single long page has not been seen (either by customers or designers), but the internet is now ubiquitous. A reasonable explanation is that the user is now accustomed to using the mouse wheel, compared to the multiple pages back and forth to view, using the scroll wheel up and down more convenient.

Some of the most famous companies, including Apple, have used a fairly long page to showcase their products and have achieved a good result.

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Make a background with a photo

For branding or display purposes, use photos as the background of a Web site, which can create a strong visual expression. This is why you can see such a design in the fashion, clothing brand, tourism industry and so on.

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Color block Design

This design method is mainly to introduce the square of the grid design, these squares are either a solid color block with text, or a square photo with text. "Simplicity" is a big reason to attract users. Different color blocks put together to form a strong contrast, easy to arouse the user's visual interest, and then continue to explore.

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Pictures of Super Size

The rise of this trend is related to the popularity of Mac OS X icon design. When programmers launch websites for their Mac programs, it's common to have oversized images and brand-highlighting designs. Naturally, this trend was later inherited by iOS developers as part of a modern design culture.

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Focus on Simplicity

The pursuit of simplicity throughout the 2012, many sites began to seek a crisp, intuitive design. Minimalist design is designed to simplify by consolidating or removing redundant pages, giving only what the user needs. Minimalist design usually uses large bold fonts and oversized pictures to clearly convey the important things that matter.

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Response-Type Design

With mobile phones and tablet devices increasingly entering people's lives, responsive design has become an important force in the current web development. A Web page that can be adapted to any device is great. Responsive design ensures that users can browse content as you wish, whether on a mobile device or on a PC.

More examples:





Parallax scrolling

The so-called "parallax Scrolling (Parallax scrolling)" is to allow multi-layer backgrounds to move at different speeds to form a motion parallax 3D effect. This technology is also likely to become more prevalent as more browsers increase support for visual differences.

More examples:







Accent Font

Previously, the fonts that designers could use were limited by the fonts available locally on the user's computer. Now, with services such as Google Fonts and Typekit, theoretically, the fonts you can use are infinitely many, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of web design. Designers have taken advantage of this opportunity for some time now, and more and more websites also embody the importance of fonts. Even some sites such as Typographica, fonts accounted for the vast majority of the site design, the effect is quite good.

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Believe that these design methods will be popular for a long time, of course, you can also play the creative, organic combination of them, make excellent website.

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