80/20 rules for web design

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Devote your energies to most of the time (80%) features and content that users often use (20%)

After understanding the principle of 80/20 rules, designers can follow the following methods, summarized as follows:

• If you can, carefully analyze site statistics and availability data to determine the 20% features that users use most often.

• Prioritize. Focus on the most important aspects of websites and Web applications, and reinforce them.

• Simplify design and layout by counting the most commonly used features that are grouped into 20%.

• Remove unimportant, infrequently used features and content.

• Do not invest too much time and money on features that are less frequently used, because your return may be very small.

• For infrequently used but important elements, try to improve its design and functionality, because once the frequency of use increases, these elements can have a significant impact on interactions.

80/20 rules for web design

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