8.1 define operations

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Define operation:

In Lesson 5th of this tutorial, you have learned how to define a fact dimension so that you can normalize the measurement value by fact dimension members, return detailed information about specific fact measurement values (such as order details ). If the fact data is dimension-based, but the data returned by the query is incorrectly filtered, the query performance of all users may be slowed down, which will make the user unable to use normally. By defining a drilling operation to return similar information and limiting the total number of returned rows, the query performance of all users can be greatly improved to eliminate this problem.

In the task of this topic, drill-through operations are defined to return the Order details for sales to customers over the Internet.

Define drilling operation attributes
Define drilling operation attributes
  1. In the multidimensional cube designer of the Analysis Services tutorial cube, click"Operation"Tab.

    "Operation"The tab contains several tabs. On the left side of the tab"Operating organizationProgram"Pane and"Computing tools"Pane. The right of the two panes is"Show"Pane, which can be displayed"Operating organization program"Details of the operation selected in the pane.


  2. In"Operation"Tab, click"New drilling operation".

    "Show"A blank operation template is displayed in the pane.

  3. In"Name"Box, change the operation nameInternet sales details drillthrough action.

  4. In"Group members of measurement value"List, select"Internet sales".

  5. InDrilling Column"Box, select"Dimension"In the list"Internet sales order details".

  6. In"Return column"List, selectDescription"And"Order No"Check box, and then click"OK". This displays the expected appearance of the Operation template during this operation.

  7. Expand"Additional attributes"As shown in.

  8. In"Maximum number of rows"Enter10.

  9. In"Title"Box, typeDrillthrough to order details....

    These settings limit the number of returned rows and specify the title that will appear in the client application menu. Shown"Additional attributes"These settings.


  1. In"Generate"Click"Deployment Analysis Services tutorial".

  2. After the deployment is complete, click"Browser"Tab, and then click"Reconnect".

  3. Slave"Data"Delete all hierarchies and measurement values in the pane, and then delete"Filter"All dimension members in the pane.

  4. Set"Internet sales"Add the measurement value to the data area.

  5. Set"Customer region"User-defined hierarchies"Customer"Dimension"Location"Add folder"Filter"Pane.

  6. In"Filter expression"List, expand in sequence"All customers",Australia,Queensland,Brisbane,4000And then selectAdam PowellCheck box, and then click"OK".

    Adventure works cycles's total sales of Adam Powell products will be displayed in the data area.

  7. Click a data unit in the Data pane, right-click the data unit, and click"Drill-through Order details".

    The Order details delivered to Adam Powell are displayed in"Data Sample viewer", As shown in. However, some other details may also be useful, such as the order date, end date, and shipment date. In the next process, you will add these other details.

  8. Click"Close"To disable"Data Sample viewer"Window.

Modify drilling operations
Modify drilling operations

  1. Open"Internet sales order details"Dimension designer.

    Note that only three attributes are defined for this dimension.

  2. In"Data Source view"In the pane, right-click the blank area, and then click"Show All Tables".

  3. In"Format"Menu, pointing"Automatic Layout"And then click"Relationship Diagram".

  4. Right-click"Data Source view"Blank area in the pane, and then click"Searching tables",DBO. factinternetsalesAnd"OK"To findInternetsales (DBO. factinternetsales)Table.

  5. Create a property based on the following columns:

    • Orderdatekey

    • Duedatekey
    • Shipdatekey

  6. Set"End Date key"Feature"Name"Property changed"Deadline""Name column"Property changedDimtime. simpledate (wchar).

  7. Set"Order Date key"Feature"Name"Property changed"Order Date""Name column"Property changedDimtime. simpledate (wchar).

  8. Set"Date of shipment"Feature"Name"Property changed"Date of shipment""Name column"Property changedDimtime. simpledate (wchar).

  9. Switch to"Operation"Tab.

  10. InDrilling Column"Box, add the following columns"Return column"List, and then click"OK":

    • Order Date

    • Deadline
    • Date of shipment

    The selected columns are displayed.

Check the modified drilling operation
Check the modified drilling operation

    1. On the Generate menu, click deploy Analysis Services tutorial .

    2. after successful deployment, switch to the browser tab in the Multidimensional Dataset Designer of the Analysis Services tutorial, click reconnect .

    3. click a single data unit, right-click the unit, and then click drilling order details .

      details of these orders delivered to Adam Powell are displayed in data sample viewer , the information includes their order date, end date, and departure date, as shown in.

    4. click close to disable data sample viewer .

Download and install the updated example to obtain the complete project used in Lesson 8th. For more information, see To obtain the updated example ".


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