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In the past few days, it was estimated that the cell phone screen was loose. I was about to split the camera 838, and I had been searching for the Internet for a long time. Vivo does not have a complete 838 disassemble diagram. The old one won't be new, but the old one won't be broken down. The old one also recognizes it.

Step 1Of course, it is a preparation tool. At the beginning, there was only one word cone with the smallest number. It should have been changed with six sides of plum blossom, that is, T5 or T6. Unfortunately, I cannot find it here, try it together. Later, I added some tools, which are listed in parallel here. Of course, since they are self-built and not commonly used, I will not introduce them.

One phone card (N is useful !!! If you don't want your computer to be stolen, just find one. You can also use a credit card $ _ $), tweezers, and a brush (I use a mirror pen, mainly used to clean the machine) and transparent tape.

Step 2, Skyline cover
Nothing to say, use a phone card, pay attention to the marked place, there is a card, make some effort, and then push up, usually open, small, place where I opened it with my nails, and use a phone card to plug it into the clip. If I don't open it again, it means you are too timid. I don't agree that you will continue.

Step 3
Screw down the four screws marked on the figure

Step 4
In the figure, there is a clip in the area where the arrow is won. First, stick it in with a phone card, pick up a part, stick it with your thumb, and plug it in with a phone card along the sign part of the second figure, it was very smooth.

Pay attention to the strength, but do not be too careful. In general, 838 is a highly integrated product and there is no flying line that can be broken.

Step 5
Before proceeding to this step, make sure that your actions are gentle. This step is to remove the Strip, and the circle mark is the keyboard strip, which must be split. The arrow mark is the speaker. There is usually fixed tape on the keyboard cable. Take it down with caution and use it when it will be loaded back. My original tape is no longer sticky and I will replace it with transparent tape. A few days ago, some people in the Forum said they had broken down 838 and the keyboard was no longer available. The reason is probably here. The card on the cable is on the top of the Main Line. Once it is turned over, the cable is basically dropped out, and you do not need to pull it hard.

Step 7Split screen
Very easy. Just unscrew the screws in four small circles. Be sure not to break the line of the big circle logo.

Split screen \ keyboard \ Motherboard

When you open the screen, you must use a phone card to help. Pay attention to the strength, not to be too large.

This is what it looks like.

I won't say much about how to install it back. Pay attention to the fact that when the screen is installed back, the keyboard is pushed along the direction indicated in the figure so that the cable can be mounted and fixed with transparent glue. remember to install all the stuff back.

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