86 poems recited in Tang Dynasty

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1. I use the Tang Poetry Appreciation Dictionary (new Edition) Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House.

2. Tang Poetry phonetic version (Https://yunpan.cn/cqDgwqGqWTziR access password d751, automatically updated).

3. Recite the video-stay as a souvenir.

Recite Tang poetry 第0081-0086首 [20160413] (Listen to An Wanshan blow Tartar Tartar Song-li Qi ancient Italy-li Qi send Liu Yan-li Qi listen to Dongda bomb Gier get a message to the room-li Qi send Weiwan-Li Chunchun Pan Ruoye Brook-Ziqi without diving)

Recite Tang 第0049-0080首 [20160409] (12 first)-Zhang Jiuling Sense 12 (its four)-Zhang Jiuling sense of 12 (its seven)-Zhang Jiuling hukou Wang Lushan Waterfall water-Zhang Jiuling Moon Huaiyuan-Zhang Jiuling to Yanshi-Zhang Jiuling fu from June-Zhang Jiuling Stork House-Wang Zhihuan Liangzhou-Wang Zhihuan feast-Wang Zhihuan Autumn mountain send Zhang five-meng Haoran summer South Pavilion Wye da-Meng Haoran Pengli Lake in the Hope Lushan-Meng Haoran night return Lumengo-Meng Haoran Wang Dongting Lake donated Zhang Prime Minister-Meng Haoran Qin feeling autumn send far master-Meng Haoran homestay Tonglu Jiang Guangling old Tour-Meng Haoran early cold have bosom-Meng Haoran habbit Wang Wei-Meng Haoran and the first of the thinkers-Meng Haoran late Xunyang Lushan-Meng Haoran chanfang--Meng Haoran village--Meng Haoran boat in Xiao Wang-Meng haoran suimu to Nanshan-Meng Haoran spring-Meng Haoran Lozhong visit Yuan Supplements-----------------Meng Haoran Army Line-li Qi send Chen Zhangfu-li Qi)

Recite Tang poetry 第0001-0048首 [20160408] (Cicada-yu Shinan Wild Hope-Wang Ji Autumn night to meet the king-Wang Ji I rich money-Wang Fanzhi poetry (two)-Wang Fanzhi Yao Cold Hill Road-cold Mountain into the north of the road to the foot of the moon-last officer instrument Changan ancient Italy-Lu Zhaolin chant cicada-Luobinwang in the water to send people a must-Luobinwang and Jin Ling Lu Ying early Spring outing-du trial words across the Xiangjiang river-du trial words day and night-Su Weidao Xu Feng-wang Bo Tengwang Pavilion poetry-Wang Bubiai-wang Bo send du Shao fu Shuzhou-Wang Bujiang Pavilion night farewell two first (second)-Wang Boshan-Wang Bo Army line-yang Jiong generation sadness-born farewell to the Duke-song Zhiwen problem Dayu Ridge North Yi-Song Zhiwen Ask early hair Jiangkou to Virtual village-song Zhiwen asked the temple-song Zhiwen asked cross Han River-song Zhiwen asked miscellaneous poems three first (its three)-Shen Yu period overnight seven Pan Ling-Shen Yu period alone-Shen Yu period acient-Guo Zhen strike-Lee suitable for 38 first (second)-Ang feel 38 (its four)-Ang feel 38 (its 23) -Ang Yanzhowang-Chen Ziandeng youzhou Taiwan song-ang late Lok Township County-ang send Wei army-ang Spring Night Friends-Ang Yong Liu-he zhizhang home to my book two first-he zhizhang girlfriends-Shen Spring River Flower moonlit night-Zhangrou virtual Shu Road late-Zhang said to send Liang from Dongting Mountain-Zhang said Bong and the spring is lucky to be made-Su Ying Fen On the autumn-Su Ying word-Zhang Jingzhong)

86 poems recited in Tang Dynasty

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