9 Business models for individuals and enterprises in the app economic ecosystem

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Article Description: app Boom, nine business model diagrams.

The app age is here! It is estimated that the market will reach $15 billion trillion this year, and everyone is looking at how such a huge new business can take a piece.

However, if you think the app economy is focused only on technology, you're wrong. As with any other business, it is important to think about what is the right business model before it can make creativity and technology the most commercial value.

Some people may ask whether the business model of app is "charge" or "free but attached to ads". , and of course it's not that simple. Borrowed from the ancestors of the theory of Tai Chi Sheng Two instruments, two instruments born four like, four like gossip, gossip and can be converted into 8,864-gua. So there are all kinds of derivative combinations in the light of charges or free. And these different combinations and changes are the way that entrepreneurs and developers can profit from them.

Because most of the articles that discuss the app economy are mostly about comparing Apple IOS vs Google's Android ecosystem, or doing vertical, in-depth analysis based on some of the success stories, there's less extensive discussion of app business models, Develop strategies for entrepreneurs or developers to think about their own resources and strengths.

But it is also important to note that the business model of the app economy is definitely not limited to the following, because different business models can be combined, segmented, reversed ..., so it's like practicing Kung Fu, although basic moves are essential, but how to use them skillfully is the key to winning.

The following presentation of business model diagrams is a reference to the work of Mr. Banqiao, a edutainment lab in Japan, which was created by popular goods (official website http://3w1h.jp)

Basic elements

To understand the business model, you can make it clear at a glance by way of illustration. In drawing diagrams, we need to first define the various elements contained in the business model. It includes enterprises, individuals, payment of money, provision of products or services, time and so on. By using these basic elements, you can mix and change a variety of business models.

Next, we'll introduce you to a variety of business models that can be developed in the app economy. In the diagram below, the green Enterprise refers to the app developer

Mode one: pure selling mode

Illustration: Users pay money to buy apps, and developers benefit

This should be the simplest model-developers making apps, selling them to users through the App store or market. In this mode, the point is to make the sales of unit x sales a lot, it seems like nonsense, but it is worth thinking that if an app is useful for a particular group, but it may not be attractive to the general public, then it will not be $0.99 but won't sell a few more, Whether the price should be set higher, and then through the right publicity to let people in need to know this information, although sales are limited, but because the unit price is high enough, overall sales may be more favorable. And because the price is high, then there are discount promotional space, further attract price-sensitive consumers rob cheap.

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