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Response design is almost the standard of modern web sites, developers to build a good site to test their response to change the effect of the need for a large number of test equipment to ensure that the Web page will not be a problem, but take a lot of actual equipment to test is not realistic. Under this demand, a number of practical and reliable response Web site testing tools have been spawned, most of them free of charge, freeing developers from massive testing equipment. Today, from these test tools, we pick out 9 free and useful test tools to benefit web designers and developers.

1. Responsive design Bookmarklet

This is a simple and efficient testing tool, when you need to test a Web site, you just have to test the site to drag the bookmark to the browser, through a virtual keyboard to set the aspect ratio to test. Once the CSS file is saved, the modified part is automatically implemented. In this process, the browser does not need to keep open, simple, practical!

2. Resizemybrowser

15 different proportions of browser parameters are prefabricated in Resizemybrowser, and users can set specific browser parameters to facilitate testing. The entire test tool is user-friendly and one of the most recommended test tools.

3. The Responsive Calculator

The most powerful part of this tool, called the response Calculator, is to help you complete the test with a single key. This tool converts pixels into a percentage, which allows you to import the PSD document into your browser and tune the proportions and visuals to perfection.

4. Responsinator

As the name suggests, this tool, called Responsinator, can help you test whether the site responds well to different platforms on different screens, with the built-in iphone, Andoird, IPad, Kindle, browser, and other platform parameters for testing. Responsinator also has a close built-in horizontal screen and vertical screen mode, testing time, simply paste the URL into the can start.

5. Respondr

Similar to several other tools, paste the URL, select the device can be tested on different devices to show the effect of the page! A few simple steps can help you get your web-response test done.

6. Designmodo Responsive Test

Designmodo is not only a well-known design blog, but also a distribution platform for design materials and design tools. To help developers test the experience and responsiveness of web pages on a variety of platforms, they launched the Designmodo Response Testing tool, which has built-in parameters for the mainstream platform and allows users to modify their dimension parameters for testing.

7. responsivepx

You can call responsivepx a tool, which can be called an interface, because it not only helps users detect specific breakpoints, but also helps users get a sense of the usability of CSS queries, and can tailor the size of a Web site or app to test the effect of its response.

8. Screenfly

The tool developed by the Quirktools Screenfly can help web designers test the display and compatibility of web pages on phones, tablets, televisions, and traditional desktops. Screenfly built-in options, can be adjusted according to requirements.

9. Viewport Resizer

This response-testing tool makes it easy to adjust the display dimensions and content in the Web page. Enter the link into the test tool, and then let it take care of everything.


We hope that these test tools will be able to help you in the next development process, so that your design can be perfectly presented to the user.

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