9 Java-based search engine frameworks

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In this very complicated internet era, we have learned how to use the powerful tool of search engine to find the target information, such as you will search for Valentine's Day on Google how to get your girlfriend's favor, you will be on Baidu search for formal cosmetic medical institutions (despite a large part of the advertising scam). So if you need to be able to search for some important information in your own Web site system, and can show it to users with structured results, the 9 Java search engine frameworks you share below may help.

1. Java Full-Text search engine frameworkLucene

There is no doubt that Lucene is currently the most popular Java full-text search framework, which, to be precise, is a full-text retrieval engine architecture that provides a complete query engine and indexing engine, some text analysis engines. Lucene provides developers with a fairly complete toolkit that makes it easy to implement powerful full-text retrieval capabilities. There are several search engine frameworks are also based on lucene implementation.

Official website: http://lucene.apache.org/

2. Open source Java search engine Nutch

Nutch is an open source Java-implemented search engine. It provides all the tools we need to run our own search engine. Includes full-text search and web crawlers.

With Nutch, you can do the following:

    • Take billions of pages per month
    • Maintain an index for these pages
    • Thousands of searches per second for index files
    • Provide high-quality search results
    • operate at minimal cost

Official website: http://nutch.apache.org/

3. Distributed Search engine ElasticSearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed search engine based on the Lucene framework, and is one of the few search engines that are indexed based on JSON. The Elasticsearch is particularly suitable for use on cloud computing platforms.

Official website: http://www.elasticsearch.org/

4. Real-time distributed search engine Solandra

Solandra is a real-time, distributed search engine built on Apache SOLR and Apache Cassandra.

The characteristics are as follows:

    • Support for most of SOLR's default features (search, faceting, highlights)
    • Data replication, sharding, caching and compression These are all made by Cassandra.
    • Multi-master (any node is available for reading and writing)
    • High-real-time, write operation is completed to read
    • Easily add new Solrcores w/o restart across the cluster easy adding and restarting nodes

Official website: Https://github.com/tjake/Solandra

5, Indextank

Indextank is a set of Java-based index-real-time full-text search engine implementation, Indextank has the following features:

    • Index updates take effect in real time
    • Location Search
    • Supports multiple client languages
      Ruby, Rails, Python, Java, PHP,. NET & more!
    • Support for flexible sorting and scoring controls
    • Support Auto-complete
    • Support Polygon Search (facet searches)
    • Support Matching highlighting
    • Supports massive data expansion (scalable from a personal blog to hundreds of millions of documents! )
    • Support Dynamic Data

Official website: https://github.com/linkedin/indextank-engine

6. Search Engine Compass

Compass is a powerful, transactional, high-performance object/Search engine mapping (osem:object/search engine mapping) with a Java persistence layer framework. Compass includes:

    • Search Engine abstraction layer (using Lucene search referrals)
    • OSEM (Object/search Engine Mapping) support
    • Transaction management
    • Simple keyword Query language similar to Google
    • Extensible and modular Framework
    • A simple API

Official website: http://www.compass-project.org/

7. Java full-Text Search server SOLR

SOLR is also based on Java implementation, and is based on Lucene, the main features of SOLR include: efficient, flexible caching, vertical search, highlighting search results. Notably, SOLR also provides a great web interface to manage indexed data.

Official website: http://lucene.apache.org/solr/

8. LuceneImage Search Lire

Lire is a Java-based image search framework, and its core is lucene-based, allowing the index to build a content-based image retrieval (content-based image Retrieval,cbir) system to search for similar images.

Official website: http://www. semanticmetadata.net/lire/

9, the full text search engine Egothor

Egothor is an open source and efficient full-text search engine written in Java. With Java's cross-platform features, Egothor can be applied to any environment, either as a separate search engine or as a full-text search for your application.

Official website: http://www.egothor.org/cms/

9 Java-based search engine frameworks

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