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First of all, Baidu installed 9 million simulator, no longer detailed.

Open the 9 million Android simulator. Need to be registered users can use, if you have registered before, please login directly, not registered, you need to click Registered account to register one.

Enter your registered username and password. Click to login to open 9 million Android simulator

Now the interface is like a cell phone helper software like a pea pod, but this is an emulator. A lot of people are very depressed, why I open the 9 million simulator why is the black screen ah? I want to say, your computer boot also have to boot time it, the same, this simulator is needed time to open, boot time depending on the computer configuration and different, generally 2-3 minutes.

I waited for 2 minutes, finally turned on! Look, is it similar to the phone? This operation is the same as the mobile phone. such as settings, home keys, search keys, and so on.

It's time for him to install the software, there are 2 ways to install the software, the first is the use of pea pods and other ancillary software. Open the Pea pod will automatically connect to this virtual mobile phone, even after the installation of software to the fullest!

The second installation method is installed on the mobile phone installation software

Install the software, open it can be used! Be careful not to install too many software, otherwise the cotton will let you collapse!

The trick is to press CTRL+F11 to turn the screen and realize the gravity sensor.

Attention matters

This software does not have a high occupancy, please confirm your computer configuration is competent. I write this experience is another card in a meal completed.

It is slow to install with auxiliary software, please wait patiently.

This experience is my own personal experience to write, if there is no place, please forgive me.

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