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Many netizens know the story of Digg (www.digg.com): a seemingly aggressive young man creates a technology news aggregation website. Since then, the online news mining and gathering methods have been thoroughly changed. In fact, Digg is not the first technology news aggregation website, nor the first website to popularize this concept. So why can Digg stand out from the competition and become popular among netizens? After careful consideration, we can find that Digg's news reports have the following nine characteristics, which are the reason why Digg is popular.

 1. real and comprehensive reports

Digg has a wide range of news reports and is almost all-encompassing. News from mainstream online media or reports from unknown websites have the opportunity to rank on Digg websites. Editors of Digg have set up a screening system to select news reports that they think are important to readers. The so-called "true and comprehensive" does not mean that Digg website reports are objective facts. It means that Digg website reports are well-founded and consistent.

2. Users have the right to vote

Digg makes a commitment on the basis of summing up the limitations of the news clustering model. This commitment is that the website will give you the right to decide which content should be submitted to the website, and you and other users of the website will vote for which content should be posted on the Digg homepage. Everyone has the same say, which means that the top news reports must be welcomed by most people, at least by most active users. Digg promises to reject any hierarchical system and reject any content from users.

3. Trustworthy content

Unlike Slashdot and Del. icio. us, Digg is more reliable for Internet users. The Slashdot website has a monitoring team responsible for adjusting the content, and Del. icio. us is more enterprise-oriented, which limits the content they publish. The Digg website was the "oppressed" since its launch. It was created by some idealistic young people who are confident in the power of the people and want the people to grasp the media they face, therefore, Digg content is more trustworthy.

4. More friendly websites

Since its creation, Digg has been more idealistic and has made important commitments to users. However, Digg does not impose an idealized color on users, indicating that the website is willing to fulfill the user's hopes. Digg is a platform that gives users power. anything accomplished through this platform depends on users. In this sense, Digg is very friendly and will not impose its own ideals on users, but will attract more users to participate.

5. Quick Start for users

Although Digg became famous quickly, what I call "quick" here is that users can quickly learn how to use this website. Digg's initial design was extremely simple, and I thought it was still the best design for the website. Users can easily access the website and learn to use it within a few minutes, and play its own role. It may take several minutes for you to hear about the website and become a skilled user of the website.

6. Attractive content

As I have mentioned earlier, Digg is an oppressed website, so its content is mostly "Intuitive" and is often opposed to the opinions accepted by most people. However, Digg's practice caters to people's minds. Everyone wants to hear different voices from the mainstream media and is willing to hear these voices. Maybe the Digg website can be recognized by most people, but it is enough even if it is recognized by some people.

7. Numerous followers

Digg content is not prepared for everyone. Even now, my parents never visit Digg. They prefer to read newspapers. But it doesn't matter. No website can win everyone's support. A website can be successful if it has enough fans, and Digg has enough followers, the snowball effect has caused more and more fans of Digg.

8. Always

Despite the continuous growth of Digg, the principle it has always adhered to has not changed, that is, one vote, no exception. Everyone and every website can participate equally. As the website's influence expands, more and more people want to control and manipulate it. Although Digg is not as consistent as it is, it does do better than many other websites.

9. Discover sounds outside mainstream media

One important reason why social news is popular today is the lack of public trust in mainstream media. Some complained that Digg only reported those extreme news, but they did not realize that it was not reported by mainstream media. Reporting these news will allow people to hear voices outside the mainstream media and give you a more comprehensive understanding of the world.

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