9 technical skills of Architects

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Able to withstand loneliness

In your research field, it may be lonely. Maybe no one is studying with you, and no one is discussing with you. It may be boring. A skill you have learned may have no application scenario and will never be discovered by others.

Powerful heart

The solution you provide may attract numerous complaints or even laughter, especially in the early stages of a technology introduction. This is normal. No matter how perfect your solution is, there will always be some minor negligence, which gives the opponents a good reason. "I can't say this. Do you think there is a problem ~~~" "Can architects make such low-level mistakes ?" This requires you to have a very firm heart. The solution you provide may be rejected by an extremely small reason. You must be able to stand up to questions and constantly destroy the opponent's defense line.

Personal Charm

Because you are the idol of developers and you want to lead the trend, you will be imitated by many developers. Includes code, tone, and solution. In their eyes, you are Liu Dehua and FA ge. All Stars must be installed. I'm tired.

Time management capability

Your time may be torn into fragments. Except after, you do not have a complete one-hour coding time. You have to solve some difficult problems with your patience, of course, it also includes "How can't I open Eclipse", so you have to be very caring as an architect. Parallel processing is too common, but you cannot stimulate your children. After being stimulated, your development may be affected.

Persuasive power

Even if you are using simple SSH, you need to be able to give a dozen reasons. This is the difference between architects and others. Every discussion is a battlefield. If you cannot convince others and give others powerful and sufficient reasons, you should wait for them to deny you with a small reason. All architects must have the ability to work together. Generally, you have to convince a bunch of people by yourself, including ordinary developers, product personnel, your leaders, or the leaders of your leadership. You need to describe everything from the perspective of the other party in the most refined words.

Field of view

What you see is not only the internal system architecture, but also the architecture of the industry. The best is not necessarily the best. Before making a decision, you should consider the current situation of the system, the capabilities of developers, the number of people, the business situation, and the future strategy of the company. In different scenarios, your solutions must be different.


Sometimes you are the chief of staff, and sometimes you are a proper head engineer. at least at the moment of technical decision-making, everyone is waiting for you to make a picture. If you make a mistake ...... Hmm. Can I leave it alone? Of course not. The architect I hate most is to say that you have chosen a bunch of advantages, so I don't care which one you choose. You can give a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but you must give a definite solution.


To do things, you must have a taste. If you have to make a wrong decision, you would rather not do anything. Even if you leave. Most of the time, the leader makes a wrong decision. If you do not stick to it, the leader will find his mistake and correct it again. Should you smile? Should I cry? Isn't the person you changed? Making a wrong decision will consume your will. Blow your sense of accomplishment. In many cases, the reason for leaving is simple, that is, you cannot make the most correct decisions according to reasonable requirements.


Picasso said: excellent artists imitate, great artists are plagiarized.

The sauce is purple.


9 technical skills of Architects

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