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With Google's own chrome operating system of the notebook price is relatively affordable, and easy to use, so also to obtain more and more users of all ages. The capabilities of these devices may be beyond our imagination, and here are 9 little-known "secrets" about configuring the chrome system notebook:

1. Chromebook notebooks are more popular than Apple notebooks

Last year, Chromebook notebooks sold 5 times times as much in the US as Apple's Mac notebooks. According to the data published by NPD, Chromebook accounted for 9.6% of notebooks sold in the U.S. market through commercial channels in 2013, and only 0.2% in 2012; Windows laptops accounted for 34.1%, the same period was 42.9% in 2012, while Apple laptops accounted for only 1.8%, down from 2.6% in the same period in 2012. In addition, although the price of chrome notebooks is less than one-third of the price of Apple OS X notebooks, the former is no less functional than Apple notebooks.

2, no network, many applications can also be used

If the chrome laptop wants to keep running, it needs a network connection, but a lot of chrome apps, including Gmail and Google Docs, can be used offline without a network, and sync your data when the computer is connected to the network. Some applications own this functionality, others require you to set up, or install additional plug-ins from the Chrome App Store.

3, Chromebook notebook can run Windows software

Last February, Google announced that it was partnering with VMware, the virtual machine software provider, to enable the chrome system to support Windows apps. Specifically, if you have Chromebook, you can now use VMware's services Horizon DaaS to manage your Windows desktops, data, and applications. However, users first need to have the notebook run VMware Horizon View 5.3 Software, a paid software that is typically used in large enterprises.

4, the operating speed is different

Although all of the Chrome OS notebooks start and load pages at relatively fast speeds, their internal chip configurations are different, so they run faster and slower. Typically, a Chrome OS laptop with an Intel x86 processor runs slightly faster than a Chrome OS laptop with an arm chip.

5, Chromebook Notebook is not completely dependent on the storage cloud

For networked devices, Chromebook provides amazing local storage space and a large number of pre-installed software. Samsung Chromebook 2 and Acer c720p notebooks, for example, have 16GB and 32GB solid-state memory, while providing SD card slots and two USB ports. In addition, Google has added a local editing function for Microsoft Office files to the Chrome OS development version, which means that the newest users of Chrome OS development can edit Word and Excel files directly.

6, online cloud storage services Google Drive need to pay

Chrome OS notebooks offer 100GB free cloud storage services to Google Drive, but after two years of buying devices, users want to continue to store documents on Google servers, which require $5 a month (about 31 yuan). The unpaid users can still view their existing documents, but they cannot store the extra files.

7, the handset supports all free

Although Google and its hardware partners want users to go to their support page to find help when they encounter problems, users can also call Google Customer service for help. The user can dial the 855-836-3987 telephone, then press two times "2" key to obtain the technical support. Of course, users can also call this number to inquire about the Google Play app store, Android devices and Chromecast and other related issues.

8, does not support the printing and scanning drive

Chromebook does not support printers, scanners, and most other third-party device drivers. If you want to print the file, you must connect the printer to the Web page and create "Google Cloud print" (Google Cloud print.). In the process, you have to use the mouse and keyboard.

9, even if you do not want to use Chromebook, but your child may not want to

Because Chromebook notebooks are inexpensive and easy to operate and manage, they are also popular among schools. According to the NPD study, 20% of notebooks purchased by American schools in 2013 are Chromebook notebooks, and this figure is expected to increase in the future.

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