98% of customer churn, just because you said these nonsense!!!

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As a customer, every time you enter the store was introduced, all feel extremely annoying! Yes, those sales are like flies humming in their ears. But if I were them one day, could I do better? The answer is, after reading this article, I can. Because, True TM is too practical, the customer psychology to figure out the penetrating. Whether you are an online e-commerce or offline enterprise, this article is a well-deserved sales of dry king.

General Guide to see customers the first sentence is: Hello, welcome! "In fact, this sentence is wrong!"

The second sentence says the wrong person more!

"What would you like to order?" ”

"Is there anything I can do for you?" ”

"Sir, please take a look!" ”

"What price would you like to see?" ”

"Can you spare me a few minutes?" ”

"What can I do for you?" ”

"If you like, you can have a look!" ”

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

This is a few common statements, but all are wrong, start you are wrong, good start is half the success, then the wrong failure is half of the failure.   

We can think about how the customers will answer you when they hear these words. Basically a word can take you, that is: "OK, I casually look!" "How about that?" Listen, be familiar with it!

How are you going to answer the words? Many shopping guide said: "OK, you see first, have what need can call me at any time." Then the customer looked around and went out! Want to see him again do not know what years and months to meet again, a dress may be a year or two, a TV may be eight years, a refrigerator may be 10 years!

If the sale does not come from you, it is in someone else's house, then you lose a chance to make money, maybe your child's clothes will become the clothes of other children, your child's schoolbag will become other children's schoolbag.

The reality is so cruel!

So a good opening is to leave the customer the first condition!

Choose your opening and let your customers stay.

The general first sentence says so: "Hello, Welcome to visit (plus some brand)!" " put your brand out, because the customer may be wandering in the mall, there may be a lot of roadside shops, he just came in to see, may not know your home brand, when you want to tell customers, your home brand!"

Another reason is that you have to be in front of the customer, in his ear to do side ads, this advertising effect than on TV, the effect of the plane is much better, because you really tell him! He may not buy it today, but when he wants to buy it, there is a faint voice in his ear, "Jinyuan!" "I'll think of you.

The second sentence, to attract customers, let him stay down!  

How can you attract him?

That's to give him a reason to stay!

The girl marries the boy, also must have a reason, even if this reason is very far-fetched!

"Marry Me!" I'll give you 20 million! "That's a reason!"

The second sentence generally said: "This is our new!" ”  

People like to look at new things, such as Thumbelina! This is human nature, but this new does not stand out, then we use the image of the way to highlight the new, because now say the new counters too much!

How to highlight the new style, this later when it comes to the composition of the time to say more!

The second saying: "We are doing XXX activities here!" ”  

Use activities to attract customers, but don't say, "We're doing some activity here!" "Because now every family is engaged in activities, engage in too much activity!" The customer is numb! This will require us to say something about the event: "We are buying enough for 3,000 to go to the Maldives!" "So the customer is interested!" will pay attention to listen to your words!

The third argument: uniqueness;

The fourth kind of argument: make hot selling atmosphere;

The fifth kind of speech: the time limit sex and so on!  

In this do not say, friends can organize their own language!

Remember: Practice a word and blurt it out.

In fact, the psychology of customers through my analysis is so seven stages, as long as we have to solve each stage, there is no problem, no matter what things are sold the same, I would like to say again: selling computers and selling popsicles is no different.

What does the third sentence say?  

Many of the shopping guide, including the former I also said: "Hello, Welcome to XX counters!" We are doing 3,000 of our activities in the Maldives. "Now the third sentence becomes:" Would you like to know? "Can I help you with this?" "This is the wrong language!"

You ask the customer, the customer's answer back to the original point, "I first look at it!" "Not willing!" No! "All are rejected by the customer!" I usually call this kind of shopping as superfluous courtesy! Originally someone has been attracted, you have to let customers more new choices! Give the customer a chance to refuse!

A man in the bus by a girl slapped two, others asked why he was beaten, he said: "I look at her behind the zipper did not pull, I helped her pull up, she turned to give me a slap, she hit me, I thought she liked not to pull the zipper, and then I took her back zipper down!" Who knows she gave me another slap! "The man's mistake is the extra courtesy!"

So the third sentence directly pull over to introduce products!  

So say: "I will help you introduce!" "Just pull over and don't ask the customer if they want to!" Do not ask the customer can introduce! Since he has been attracted to you, just want to know, you ask, he was sober and trouble!

"The customer said it was too expensive!" How do we answer the resolution! ”

When a customer enters a door, he often says a word: "How much is this?" "We said:" 888. " It's too expensive! "A lot of salesmen would say:" This is the price the boss set, I can not do it! "Customer:" Apply to your boss! "Betray the Boss!" Do you dare to fight? Even if you dare to fight, boss how to look at you!

"It is already the price we have broken!" "It means you're too expensive to hit a discount!" In fact, you say so dead, because you have been broken he still feel expensive!

"Sir, I'll give you a little cheaper!" "This kind of shopping guide I also common, the bargain who will sell, even if you have played the discount, the customer will ask you to discount again!"

When the customer said too expensive, the above words can not be said, especially, "Sir, I will give you a cheaper point!"

Because the customer did not say to let you cheap, you take the initiative cheap! The customer said is too expensive! Didn't you say you could get a little cheaper? So you can't take the initiative cheap! So when the customer says it's too expensive, all we have to do is tell the customer why it's so expensive. Not cheap for customers!

How do you tell it? That is to tell the goods.

But a lot of people do not speak the goods, many people will say: "We are worth it!" A penny of the price of goods! "It's very general, or it's about quality," he said.

In fact, to talk about the comprehensive product, a commodity has a lot of things: quality, price, materials, services, promotions, features, styles, shopping guide, and even the location of the store (close to the problem can be directly to the store to solve), we speak of goods, from these aspects of the explanation! Can not be a single-speaking product quality!

After the speech, the customer will say a word: "Can you cheaper?" ”

"Can you get a little cheaper?" ”

First we can't say: "No!" " a strong refusal will make the customer have a strong aversion to you!" Boys Chasing Girls: "Dinner together at night?" "No!" "Watch a movie together?" "No!" "Walk together?" "No!" "As long as girls say no to boys, one day girls will get a word." You think you're a woman under heaven? ”

So when it comes to this kind of problem, we have to get around the customer's problems, don't answer directly, because as long as we enter the price negotiations we will be more passive, because the money in the hands of customers! And our advantage is the product, we understand the product than the customer!

Any customer to buy things will bargain, this you have to be psychologically prepared, do not be afraid!

Do you usually buy things and not bargain? Certainly also, even if casually say, because feel not to bargain, oneself like a sucker! Must have been slaughtered!

But you also have their own counter-offer is not down, and sometimes look not down, it is intended not to buy, but went to the halfway and regret, and then folded back, the results have been sold out! Heart kept of remorse!

So the customer counter-offer is normal, we first around the price, let the merchandise attract him, and not too much in the price of entanglement! As long as the goods value, not afraid he does not buy! Of course you don't have to be too proud in front of the customers!

So how to answer customers? So, "Can you get a little cheaper?" "If you are selling apples, you should not answer him directly, you ask him:" How much do you want? ”

Then he would have an idea: I want more, he is much cheaper! If you are not selling apples, you are buying apples, how do you answer: "How much do you want?" "You do not want to answer directly how much, you have to ask him:" How much cheaper can you? ”

The time to sell apples is to think: I want much cheaper, he will be much more. You got the initiative again!

What if it's a dress sale? "Can you get a little cheaper?" ”

You said: "You first put on the look of the body, if it does not fit, then cheaper you will not want." "Let him try it on!"

"You look at the quality first, if the quality is not good, you certainly will not buy." ”

"You first look like don't like, if not like you certainly won't want." ”

Go around the price and tell the goods.  

General customers are the door to ask:

"How much is this?" ”

"1888. ”

"A little cheaper!" ”

A lot of customers didn't even read the goods, just looked around. Customers do not like before, you talk about the price must be a disadvantage! Introduce products, let customers heart!

If you have finished the product, also like, how to talk about the price?

The first technique is the usual periodic decomposition Method!

"Miss, a dress for sale 720 yuan, can wear two years, a day only two yuan, very affordable!" ”

"Miss, a so beautiful bag to sell 380 yuan, you can use one, two years, a day only a few cents, value for money Ah!" "This is the most common.

"I know your boss, it's cheaper!" "How do you answer when the customer says so?"

Many shopping guide said: "You know our boss, then you give our boss a call, our boss White to you." "Your boss was betrayed by you mercilessly!"

Some shopping guide said: "Then you let our boss tell me." "The customer said I'd go out and give your boss a call and never come back!" Because he doesn't even know your boss!

You can not say: "You do not know our boss, net fool me!" "He certainly does not buy!" In fact, the customer said to know your boss, he really knew?

99 of people do not know, at most with your boss one side, acquaintances, he even your boss's phone is not, you let him how to call!

Some people say, he wants to know how to do? So what do we do when we find people we know to buy things?

Call directly past: "Lao Zhang, I go to your shop to get a dress, you give preferential points." "Well, I'll say hello in advance." So do not know the people who know your boss, do not expose to the face.

What we do is to give him face, but never lower the price!

That said: "I am honored to receive the friend of our boss," admitted he is the boss's friend, and feel honored, the following began to turn: "Just, the current business situation, you come to our shop to buy things this matter, I will tell our boss, let our boss to thank you!" "It's OK."

Note here, the transition Word can not be used but, because but has made people disgusted, and replaced by: just, at the same time, there is a word is also, the word is not used, but the effect is very good, we can try!


"Do you have any discounts for old customers?" "What if the customer is the old customer request offer?"

"You are an old customer, you should know that we have not discounted!" " wrong!"   

"I know you are an old customer, the price you quoted is the reserve!" " wrong!"   

"You are the old customer, did not give you more quotes!" " wrong!"   

"Do you have any discounts for old customers?" "A lot of old customers ask that."

In fact, you think, the old customers come to you here to buy things is not because you here cheaper than other places!

Today's society is the era of oversupply, any commodity can find a lot of shops sold.

A Nokia phone, in Gome and in Suning no change, are all Nokia phones. The difference is you this person!

Because he likes you, so just become your old customer, if hate you, the first time will not buy you here, but will not become old customers.

Bottom line: He thinks you're not just buying and selling, it's more of a friend relationship!

Customer that you become a friend, he thinks this is my friend's shop!

Therefore, when the old customers offer concessions, we can not directly refuse: "You are the old customers should know that there is no discount!" "You say so, the old customers to blow, the old customers will think:" I have come so many times, I do not know can not discount it? That's what I'm asking, you just refuted, you mean, I should know not to discount, should not ask such an idiot question? ”

So what's the answer? First of all, the face to the old customers, so that the old customers feel your sincerity!

So say: "Thank you have always been so care for me, can make you such a friend I feel very happy, but I really do not have such a big right, or you come to have a gift, I apply for, give you to stay one more." "It's OK!"

The old customer itself is because you have feelings to come, and not for you cheaper than other places to come!

As long as you are not more than the other place to be! We can keep the old customers!

20% of old customers create 80% benefits. Don't kill it!


How many years has your family been branded? Why haven't I heard that? ”

"You may seldom come to this street to stroll. " wrong! " 

"Have you ever heard of such a big brand?" " wrong! "  

"Maybe you didn't see it when you were shopping." " wrong! "  

"You haven't heard much of the sign." " wrong! "  

The first question, we can answer him directly, but the second question how we answer all wrong! As soon as you answer the second one, the customer will keep asking and ask him to be satisfied! So we have to lead him in this problem.

How to guide? With the question!

"How come I never heard of it?" "When did you notice our brand?" "Just noticed today." "That's great, just to know." "Take the past directly and not dwell too much on this issue!"

"The style is out of date!" "How do we answer?"

There are two types of problems: one is really out of date! The other is the new one, but the customer is wrong and sees it as outdated.

Let's start with the first case--it's really out of date!

Things are really outdated, the customer is right, a lot of shopping guide will say: "This is the classic, good things always popular!" "OR:" Yes, good things will be sold for so long! "These statements are not wrong!" Because there is no denying the customer, and to say things well. But that's not what I said!

Customer said: "Out of date!" "My argument is:" So now buy the most affordable! ”

For the second kind of customer is wrong, look at the new product is outdated! We can not deny the customer "This is a new product, you see the wrong!" "Second is not to admit that this is the old paragraph, because it is really new!"

So what do we say?

We say, "Yes, this one is somewhat similar to the previous one, just (don't use it) we did some innovation here .... , some innovations have been made here .... Some innovations have been made here .... "Finally let the customer draw their own conclusion: this is the new!"  

Do not deny your customers, even if he is wrong, you must first identify, and then guide! "Boss, I don't need such a good thing!" ”

Customer asked: "What about your company's failure?" "Similar to this:" What about your brand to withdraw from the ark? "Beauty, eat together at night!" ”

Many of the shopping guides heard the first reaction is to prove that the company will not fail!

"Our company is the world's major companies, strong capital, brand excellence, customer service for many years ..." and so on, all is to prove the strength of the company. "Our company withdrew the Ark, also has the shopping mall, now the mall all is responsible for the merchandise!" "Our national chain, this way to withdraw the ark and other places." "This is not the right answer, but it's not good.

Why do you say that?

Let's think about it: where will the customer say that? Yes, at the end of the time will say, the customer will never enter the door and said: "Your company failed to do?" ”

In other words: When customers ask this sentence, they will buy it! You are ready to collect the money, do not dwell on this issue too much! So what do you say?

First of all, we cannot say that our company will not fail! Let's not prove that the company will not fail!  

Because you say will not fail, the customer hears is closed two words, because not this word, in the person's mind will not appear the impression! And the closure of the two words, customers can hear the clearest!

So what's the answer? A word to take over!

"Sir, you are joking!" "You can, and then say:" You see whether you are card or cash! "No matter the credit card or the cash, all bought!"

"Beauty, eat together at night!" "Never Say:" Roll, you rascal! "Business is done!" And to say: "Sir, you are joking, do you think you are card or cash?" "On it, don't dwell too much on this problem!" That's the main thing!

How to set the standard, let the customer according to the standard that you set to measure other product, compare then come back again.

We can find our advantage in four ways.


These four aspects are

1. We have something that no one else has.

2, we can do, others do not want to do things.

3, we do something better than others/things.

4, our value-added.

Basically from these four aspects to find it.

So what do you say? We take the air conditioning as an example, said: "Sir/Miss, in fact, you know (let him know what he does not know) no matter what kind of air-conditioning, as long as the three aspects can buy good air-conditioning, first, is the brand must be well-known brand, big brand has credibility, second, is must have good after-sales Good after-sales service to let you use the rest assured that this third, but also the most important, (at this time a pause is very important, customers generally ask questions, the third is what, at this time to confirm that the customer is listening carefully to what you say. That is, air-conditioning manufacturers must be in the leading technology, such air conditioning to ensure quality clearance, you say yes? Our gree air conditioning is very well done in this area and you can compare it with any one of them. ”

Pre-set a comparison of the benchmark, in the eyes of the customer left indelible traces, as long as the comparison will think of these standards, so as to use our advantages to combat the disadvantage of others.

When using this sales skill, be sure to find out where you are stronger than other brands, that is, your advantages, characteristics, to bring special value to customers, just find three on the line, not much.

Do not be afraid of problems, if the problem in the customer's heart instead of more sales more difficult, only to solve his heart problems, he can rest assured that the deal.

Psychological barriers to deal:  

First, afraid of being rejected!  

Afraid of being said no, in fact there is no fear, if she said no today, you will ask her why not? What's the reason you're saying no? It's OK to go, to speak clearly, to understand, to give a reason. "I don't think it looks good," she said. "Back to the problem of good looking, we solve is, so do not be afraid, as long as there are relative to the words of the template, we can be very brave to solve the customer's objection."

Second, the fear of the customer to create a misunderstanding!

This is a lot of shopping guide will produce the wrong ideas.

I asked a guide: "Why don't you End?" "I'm worried that she thinks I'm going to sell her stuff," said the guide. ”

Why don't you sell things? Does any customer think you don't want to sell anything? But a lot of shopping guide Heart has knot, a lot of shopping guide hope: I speak very well, you voluntarily buy. In fact, this is the guide to self-distrust performance.

Third, the fear to the customer pressure!  

Four, I think it is not the heat!  

"I don't think it's the time. "What time do you think it will be?" "I don't know when it's going to be." "A lot of people are waiting, after a high point, hot not after the iron, when the problem is more, the end is more difficult."

Everybody's doing this!

This is the most troublesome. Why don't many salespeople end the conversation? Because the shop owner also do this, shop help also do so, the boss also do so, everyone do so, so I also do so. The result becomes the inheritance, in the bad structure inside becomes the duplication.

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98% of customer churn, just because you said these nonsense!!!

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