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When Apple ordered the iPhone 2 generation at $199, it was a big shock to the mobile phone industry. However, it is not enough to complete the show. According to the investment company of the USA's Homan brother, "Apple will certainly launch a mobile phone for $99. This is just a question of time and method to launch it ".

If no message is sent from the $99 iPhone, do you dare to imagine it? $99 or $199 is not caused by a financial storm. This is Steve Jobs's market strategy, because the operator will provide high subsidies for Apple, and the profit of apple is still considerable.

In addition to the avalanche of high-end mobile phone prices, even ThinkPad has put a high head down. Lenovo's ultra-low voltage version of x61s and tablet series x61 tablet have fallen to $514.5 and $644.5! Although the configuration will be one level lower than the mainstream products, but this price is really another consumer. Of course, consumers in China cannot take action, and the product is only sold in the United States. I have not carefully understood whether Lenovo has such promotions in China, but it is not difficult to speculate from the abuse of Lenovo by netizens that there are no similar activities in China.

In fact, the topic I want to talk about is the value of the brand. Once upon a time, having an IBM notebook is the most desirable product for countless people who desire success. IBM is not only a guarantee of high quality and high performance, but also has a business and success temperament than other brands. This has been the success of IBM over the years. The value of the brand is far more important than that of technology. However, as Lenovo acquired ThinkPad, ThinkPad became more appealing. We can see that ThinkPad is affordable, but when everyone uses ThinkPad, you will find that you have bought a very low cost-performance product, and the brand you think is gone.

IBM's ThinkPad is very expensive (or even somewhat outrageous) and should also be reduced to a reasonable price. But the key is how much is reasonable? I think 4000 is unreasonable, and 4000 of ThinkPad has only two possibilities: first, Lenovo will not operate brands; second, product quality will shrink. Isn't it? The flying line door of t60 almost broke the name of Xiao Hei. In short, in the long run, Lenovo's desperate practices ultimately hurt itself.

ThinkPad is different from iPhone. ThinkPad has history and capital. If the iPhone is sold at a high price, it cannot compete for the market from Nokia and Samsung. Moreover, Apple's strategy is not to make money from mobile phones. In any case, consumers still get benefits. Technological advances and market competition are good! We only need moderate competition, not the competition that you forget.

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