99 Online Demo of Atlas revision and Chinese word segmentation for favorites

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If a friend used 99 favorites, he should be able to feel a deep comparison, mainly reflected in:
1. The interface is much more beautiful and refreshing. Thank you very much. Qq641498 world I really feel that his artist is the best person I have ever seen!
2. The speed is much faster. The original 99 favorites used ajaxpro. Now I switched to Atlas. I found that the performance of this atlas is much faster than that of ajaxpro, you will know after testing.
3. favorites supports unlimited directories, right-click, and full synchronization of IE favorites (Client support is required for full synchronization), and arbitrary directory dragging, you can operate 99 favorites online just like you do ie favorites
4. added the subscription function, including the subscription directory and subscription users, and subscribed to RSS. Article You can drag it to your favorites at will
5. Other functions remain unchanged, but the speed is much faster. I believe this will give you a very good user experience!
Statement: your account and password have not changed for the original 99 favorites registered users. However, if your username is less than four digits, I'm sorry, your account will no longer be available, if the password is less than six characters, you will not be able to log in. Please use the password retrieval function first. After login, your previous favorites will still be there.
One of the biggest problems I encountered during the revision of Atlas was that I had a good local performance. When I uploaded the file to the server, a JS error occurred, prompting that the namespace was not defined !!! After thinking about countless ways and reading countless English articles, I finally solved the problem. It turns out that the servers are 1.0 and 2.0 co-existent, and the server has not installed atlas, so you must do it in IIS in your virtual directory. thanks for the axd file ing.Qq164228116 forever and qq100154083 drifting Shanghai virtual host network His space supports Atlas. In this case, if you use the space for the projects developed by Atlas, there will be no trouble !!
During the revision process, I encountered numerous difficulties and technical difficulties. As you know, rats are just net lovers and are amateur, I have never been familiar with computers in school before, so we should be able to think of the superficial technology. Thanks Master Wuqi Wa and Meihua snow in Northern Shaanxi They are the two heroes who will always give me the most needed and the best help at the fastest speed when I need help! I would like to express my sincere thanks to you!
The Chinese word segmentation section is as follows:
For Chinese word segmentation on the web, I have found numerous materials on the Internet and found that everyone is in a circle, that is, Word Segmentation when receiving data. Later I wrote an article about Chinese word segmentation. Program Developed in this article (mainly Handsome man eunge The mouse is a second-handed mouse)
1. The word splitting speed is extremely fast and can be neglected.
2. The dictionary quantity is 46 W. (I have been sorting it out for almost a month)
3. Word Segmentation is far more accurate than Baidu
Because of the requirements of eunge, this word segmentation program has great commercial value, and it has already come to the forefront of Chinese word segmentation (this is what eunge said ), so no DLL is provided. Sorry. You can perform a test on the 99 favorites search page.
If you have commercial purposes, you can contact handsome man eunge, QQ: 15412628. Of course, if you want to, you can also contact the mouse 156840268.

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