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Switches can isolate conflict domains, and routers can isolate broadcast domains, both of which are increasingly widely used in enterprise networks. As more and more terminals are connected to the network, the burden of the network equipment becomes heavier, and the network equipment can improve the operation efficiency through Huawei's proprietary VRP system.
The Universal Routing Platform VRP (versatile Routing Platform) is the universal operating system platform of Huawei's data communication products, which takes the IP service as its core and adopts the component-based architecture to realize the rich features, and also provides the scalable and scalable function of the application. Makes routers and switches run much more efficiently. The ability to skillfully configure and operate the VRP is a basic requirement for network engineers.

Learning Goals:
1. Mastering the application scenarios of switches and routers
2. Mastering the difference between a conflict domain and a broadcast domain
3. Understanding the fundamentals of the VRP

Ethernet, which is formed by hubs and repeaters, is essentially a shared Ethernet. The main defects of shared Ethernet are: serious conflict, broadcast flooding and poor security.
A switch is a device that works on the data link layer. A switch can split a shared Ethernet into multiple conflicting domains. Link-layer traffic is quarantined in your same conflict domain for forwarding, which greatly improves Ethernet performance.
Further, the conflict is eliminated by the use of full-duplex communication between the host and the switch and between the switch and the switch.
As shown in this example, in a network built by the hub, all hosts in the same conflict domain, when host a sends data to Host B, the other hosts will receive this data, but neither of these hosts can send data. After replacing the hub with a switch, because the switch splits the conflict domain, when host a sends data to Host B, both host C and host D can send data to each other at the same time.

The switch can isolate the conflict domain, but when one device sends a broadcast frame, the other device will still receive the broadcast frame. As the scale of the network increases, there will be more and more broadcasts, which will affect the efficiency of the network. Routers can be used to split broadcast domains and reduce the impact of broadcast on network efficiency.
In general attaining, the forwarding of broadcast frames is limited to the broadcast domain. The edge of the broadcast domain is the router, because normally routers do not forward broadcast frames.
Routers are responsible for forwarding messages between networks. It can find the next hop address to the destination in its own routing table, forwards the message to the next hop router, repeats the message, and eventually arrives at the destination.

The VRP is a network operating system with fully independent intellectual property rights and can run on a variety of hardware platforms. VRP has a consistent network interface, user interface and management interface, providing users with flexible and rich application solutions.
Based on TCP/IP protocol cluster, the VRP platform realizes various protocols of data link layer, network layer and application layer, integrates the data communication functions such as routing switching Technology, QoS technology, security technology and IP voice technology in the operating system, and bases on IP forwarding engine technology. Provides excellent data forwarding capabilities for network devices.

With the rapid development of network technology and application, the VRP platform has been continuously evolving in the aspects of processing mechanism, business capability and product support. So far, the VRP has developed 5 versions, namely VRP1, VRP2, VRP3, VRP5, and VRP8.
The VRP5 is a distributed network operating system with high reliability, high performance and scalable architecture design. Currently, the vast majority of Huawei devices are using the VRP5 version .
VRP8 is a new generation of network operating system, with distributed, multi-process, modular architecture, supporting distributed applications and virtualization technology, can adapt to the future of hardware development trend and the enterprise's rapidly expanding business needs.

AR Series Enterprise routers have multiple models, including AR150, AR200, AR1200, AR2200, AR3200. They are Huawei's third-generation router offering features such as routing, switching, wireless, voice and security. The AR router is deployed between the enterprise network and the public network as an entry and exit for the transmission of data between the two networks. Deploying multiple services on AR routers can reduce the cost of network construction and operation and maintenance of enterprises. Depending on the number of users in an enterprise and the complexity of the business, different models of AR routers can be selected for deployment to the network.
Huawei X7 Series Ethernet switches provide data exchange capabilities to meet the needs of reliable access and high-quality transmission of multiple services on enterprise networks. The switches in this series are located in the Access layer, aggregation layer and core layer of the enterprise network, providing high-capacity switching, high-density ports for efficient message forwarding. The X7 series Ethernet switches include S1700, S2700, S3700, S5700, S7700, S9700, and more.
The ARG3 series routers and X7 series switches provide the console port as the management port, and the AR2200 provides a mini USB port as the management port.

Use the console cable to connect the console port of the switch or router to the COM port of the computer, which enables local debugging and maintenance through the computer. The console port of the S5700 and AR2200 is a RJ45 interface that complies with the RS232 serial port standard. Currently, most desktop computers provide a COM port that can be connected without a console port. Laptops typically do not provide COM ports and require a USB-to-RS232 conversion interface

Many terminal emulators can initiate a console connection, for example, you can use a HyperTerminal program to connect to the VRP operating system, as shown in. When you use HyperTerminal to connect to the VRP, you must set the port parameters. is an example of a port parameter setting, and if a parameter value is modified, the default parameter value needs to be restored. 9600 8 None 1 None
When you have finished setting up, click the "OK" button to establish a connection without the VRP. If the device is first restarted, the VRP system will require the user to set the console login password.
On a computer that lacks a HyperTerminal program, you can use the Putty or secure CRT program to initiate a console connection and connect to the VRP with the same configuration parameters.

Huawei AR2200 Series routers also support the installation of the device through the mini USB port without the host USB port to establish the connection.
When managing a device, the console interface is mutually exclusive with the Mini USB interface, which means that only 1 of these interfaces can be connected to the VRP at the same time.

After installing the drive program, a new virtual COM interface is added to the host and the terminal emulation software can connect to the VRP through the virtual COM interface. The specific software usage and parameter configuration are consistent with the previous console connection.

1. What happens if the router receives a broadcast message from a host on the network?
2. What is the VRP version currently used by Huawei Digital devices?
1. When the router receives the broadcast message, the router processes it based on the contents of the packet and may respond to the necessary broadcast message, such as an ARP broadcast of the requesting router's MAC address, but does not forward the packet to another broadcast domain.
2. Currently, most Huawei Digital products use the VRP5 version, and a few products such as the NE series routers use the VRP8 version.

9.HCNA-HNTD--VRP Foundation

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