__call and __callstatic Methods in PHP

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How to prevent errors by calling methods that do not exist, using the __call magic reload method.

The __call method is prototyped as follows: Mixed __call (string $name, array $arguments) the __call () is called when an inaccessible method is called, such as undefined or invisible. where $ The name parameter is the names of the methods to invoke. The $arguments parameter is an array of arguments that the containing person will pass to the method, as follows:
<?phpclass handsonboy{    Private $name = ' Chenqionghe ';    Private $age =;    Public Function __call ($name, $arguments)    {        switch (count ($arguments))        {case            2:                echo $arguments [0] * $arguments [1],php_eol;                break;            Case 3:                echo array_sum ($arguments), Php_eol;                break;            Default:                echo ' parameter is wrong ', php_eol;                Break;}}}    $a = new Handsonboy (), $a->make (5), $a->make (5,6);
The above code simulates overloading in similar other languages based on the parameter type. The Rubik's Cube method with __call is __callstatic. Of course, using the Magic method "to prevent calls to the non-existent method surface error" is not the essence of the Magic method. In fact, The Magic method uses the dynamic creation of methods to become possible. This is a useful syntax in framework design such as MVC. If a controller calls a method that does not exist, it can be handled very nicely by defining the __call magic method. The following code uses _ Callstatic This magic method for dynamic creation and delay binding of methods to implement a simple ORM model
<?phpabstract class activerecord{protected static $table;    protected $fieldvalue;    Public $select; static function FindByID ($id) {$query = "select * from". Static:: $table.        "WHERE id= $id";    Return Self::createdomain ($query);    } function __get ($fieldname) {return $this->fieldvalues[$fieldname];        } static function __callstatic ($method, $args) {$field = Preg_replace ('/^findby (\w*) $/', ' $ ', $method); $query = "SELECT * from". Static:: $table.        "WHERE $field = ' $args [0] '";    Return Self::createdomain ($query); The private static function CreateDomain ($query) {$class = Get_called_class ();//Gets the class name of the static method call $domain = N        EW $class ();        $domain->fieldvalues = Array ();        $domain->select = $query; foreach ($class:: $fields as $field = + $type) {$domain->fieldvalues[$field] = ' todo:set from SQL R Esult by '.        $field;    } return $domain; }}class Customer extends activerecord{protected static $table = ' Custdb ';    protected static $fields = array (' id ' = ' = ' int ', ' email ' = ' int ', ' lastname ' = ' varchar ') );}    Class Sales extends activerecord{protected static $table = ' SalesDB '; protected static $fields = array (' id ' = ' = ' int ', ' item ' = ' varchar ', ' qty ' = ' = ' int ');} Var_dump (Customer::findbyid (123)->select) Var_dump (Customer::findbyid (123)->email); Var_dump (Sales:: Findbylastname (' Denoncourt ')->select);

__call and __callstatic Methods in PHP

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