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This paper illustrates the Smarty extension implementation method of Zend Framework frame. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows:

Today, we summarize the method of extending the Smarty template in the ZF framework, and I'll say a little more about it in the ZF help documentation.

First, place the Smarty core packages under the Lib folder and include them in the package (internals/,plugins/,config_file.class.php,smarty.class.php,smarty_ COMPILER.CLASS.PHP,DEBUG.TPL).

Two. Add the file under Zend/view: smarty.php, the contents of the document are as follows:

<?php/** * zend_view_interface * * * require_once ' zend/view/interface.php ';
/** * Smarty * * require_once ("smarty/smarty.class.php"); /** * Create Smarty View/class Zend_view_smarty implements Zend_view_interface {/** * Smarty object * @var Smarty *
  /protected $_smarty; /** * Constructor * * @param string $tmplPath * @param array $extraParams * @return void */Public fun
    Ction __construct ($tmplPath = null, $extraParams = Array ()) {$this->_smarty = new Smarty;
    if (null!== $tmplPath) {$this->setscriptpath ($tmplPath);
    foreach ($extraParams as $key => $value) {$this->_smarty-> $key = $value;
    }/** * Return the template Engine Object * * @return Smarty/Public Function getengine () {
  return $this->_smarty;
   /** * Set the path to the templates * * @param string $path the directory to Set as the path. * @return void */Public function Setscriptpath ($path{if (is_readable ($path)) {$this->_smarty->template_dir = $path;
  } throw new Exception (' Invalid path provided ');
      /** * Set smarty Cache * @author Lengfeng/Public Function Setcompilepath ($path) {if (is_readable ($path)) {
      $this->_smarty->compile_dir = $path;
  } throw new Exception (' Invalid path provided '); /** * Set Smarty compiled document * @author Lengfeng/Public Function Setcachepath ($path) {if (is_readable ($path))
      {$this->_smarty->cache_dir = $path;
  } throw new Exception (' Invalid path provided '); 
    }/** * Retrieve the current template directory * * @return String */Public Function getscriptpaths () {
  Return Array ($this->_smarty->template_dir);
   /** * Alias for Setscriptpath * * @param string $path * @param string $prefix unused * @return void */Public Function Setbasepath ($path, $prefix = ' Zend_view ') {return $this->setscriptpath ($path);
   /** * Alias for Setscriptpath * * @param string $path * @param string $prefix unused * @return void
  * * Public Function Addbasepath ($path, $prefix = ' Zend_view ') {return $this->setscriptpath ($path);
   }/** * Assign A variable to the template * * @param string $key the variable name.
   * @param mixed $val the variable value.
  * @return void */Public Function __set ($key, $val) {$this->_smarty->assign ($key, $val);
   }/** * Retrieve an assigned variable * * @param string $key the variable name.
   * @return mixed the variable value.
  * * Public Function __get ($key) {return $this->_smarty->get_template_vars ($key); }/** * Allows testing with empty () and isset () to Work * * @param string $key * @return Boolean/Pub Lic function __isset ($key) {return (null!== $this->_smarty->get_template_vars ($key)); /** * allows unset () on the object properties to work * * @param string $key * @return void */Public fun
  Ction __unset ($key) {$this->_smarty->clear_assign ($key); }/** * Assign variables to the template * * allows setting a specific key to the specified value, OR passing a
   N Array * of key => value pairs to set en masse. * * @see __set () * @param string|array $spec The assignment strategy to use (key or array of key * => value PA
   IRS) * @param mixed $value (Optional) If Assigning a named variable, use this * as the value. * @return void */Public function assign ($spec, $value = null) {if (Is_array ($spec)) {$this->_smarty
      ->assign ($SPEC);
  $this->_smarty->assign ($spec, $value);  }/** * Clear all assigned variables * * Clears all variables assigned to Zend_view either via {@link assign ()} or * Property overloading ({@link __get ()}/{@link __set ()}).
  * * @return void */Public Function Clearvars () {$this->_smarty->clear_all_assign ();
   }/** * Processes a template and returns the output.
   * * @param string $name the template to process.
   * @return string the output.
  * * Public Function render ($name) {return $this->_smarty->fetch ($name); /** * Settings Generate cache * If there are no parameters, the default is true */Public function Setcache ($bool) {if (Isset ($bool)) {$this-&G
      t;_smarty->caching = $bool;


Three. Create cache, compile folder under App folder

Four. Add in Config.ini configuration file

Dir.compile    =.. /app/compile
Dir.cache    =.. /app/cache

Three, 42 steps can be seen in front of the zendfreamwork framework to build a website related tutorials

Five. Add in application.php file

* Initialize Smarty view
Private Function _initsmartyview ()
    $view = new Zend_view_smarty ();
    $view->setbasepath ($this->_pathconfig->dir->viewbase);
    $view->setscriptpath ($this->_pathconfig->dir->viewbase.) /scripts ");
    $view->setcompilepath ($this->_pathconfig->dir->compile);
    $view->setcachepath ($this->_pathconfig->dir->cache);
    $smarty = $view->getengine ();
    $smarty->debugging = true;
    $smarty->compile_check = true;    
    $smarty->left_delimiter = "<{"; Definition designator
    $smarty->right_delimiter = "}>";
    $registry = Zend_registry::getinstance ();
    $registry->set (' Smartyview ', $smarty); Smarty Object
    $registry->set (' Sview ', $view);          

and add in the function init ()

$this->_initsmartyview ();

Six. Call in controller

Because the object has been registered, it can be called as follows:

$view = Zend_registry::getinstance ()->get ("Smartyview");
Note that this is the Smarty object, using Smarty syntax such as $view->assign ("User", "root");
$view = Zend_registry::getinstance ()->get ("Sview"); 
This is the ZF view object, in the way of the ZF, without change.
//In this way, if you want to change the previously written code to use Smaty, the background does not change, just want to change the view file on the line

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I hope this article will help you with the PHP program design based on the Zend Framework.

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