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This paper describes the controller succession problem of CodeIgniter controllers. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

In the project often used in such a situation, each page in the background to determine whether the user login status. For CodeIgniter, it is considered that each controller inherits a common controller.

For example: Adminbase for the application of the background of the common controller, in each application back-end controller to inherit the public adminbase, but also to ensure that Adminbase is also inherited Ci_controller.

The front desk homebase is the same thing.

The implementation is very simple, as long as the application/core below the new my_controller.php, as follows
(My_ is a configurable, application/config/config.php file and finds this: $config [' subclass_prefix '] = ' my_ ';)

Class My_controller extends Ci_controller{function __construct () {parent::__construct ();}} Class Adminbase extends My_controller{function __construct () {parent::__construct ();.} ......} Class HomeBase extends My_controller{function __construct () {parent::__construct (); ......}

And then the controller inside the application/controllers can inherit, like in application/controllers/admin/blog.php.

Class Blog extends Adminbase{function __construct () {parent::__construct (); ......}

For more information on CodeIgniter framework related content readers can view this site topic: "CodeIgniter Introductory Tutorial"

It is hoped that this article is helpful to the PHP program design based on CodeIgniter framework.

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