A 24-hour health care schedule

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A 24-hour health care schedule

Work by hour
A time biologist, also known as a bioclock scientist, is an expert dedicated to exploring the laws of our life pace. They studied and manipulated human time calendars to regulate the four rhythms of hormones, enzymes, blood pressure, and pulse-the biological clock. Biological Clock scientists pointed out that the work requires "hours". This does not require you to select the so-called auspicious days, but to let you follow the biological research results and follow the arrangement of the biological clock in your body.
Everyone has only 24 hours a day. If you can arrange your life scientifically and reasonably according to the biological clock, you can do more with less!

4: sober sonata

Our body begins to wake up from sleep and slowly releases an increasing amount of adrenaline. If we are woken up by the sound, it is usually difficult to fall asleep again, Because adrenaline makes us awake and promotes the generation of free radicals, which is the culprit of skin aging, skin gets irritated and dry.

Starting from: the skin is ready for hair.

The skin enters the STANDBY state to defend against environmental attacks. Please use some moisturizing skin care products to help your skin compensate for the loss of water at night. At this time, the skin's blood circulation is the most smooth, the body temperature is slightly increased, the body is transferred to a positive state. At the same time, with the beginning of our daily work and life, our skin is being damaged by more and more external toxins and ultraviolet rays. Work is tight, and physical and mental stress increases, which may lead to severe skin injury. Therefore, you should also choose some skin care products that are rich in antioxidant components and have the function of isolating ultraviolet rays.

: No Injection Pain, no tooth pain

The skin was least sensitive to injection at around nine o'clock. If you are always afraid of injections, you can schedule an appointment in the morning. At the same time, simple tooth population procedures should also be performed in the morning. For larger and complex dental procedures, it is best to make an appointment in the afternoon, because from, our teeth have increased by about 2/3.

10-12: the most sensitive human brain

According to the research results of bioclock scientists, before and after, the human brain is the most creative time, and the human brain is in the most active state, you can handle tricky and difficult tasks with ease. During this period, we usually show that we are full of energy and energetic, and have a strong ability to absorb fragrant smells. At this time, we will perform aromatherapy with the best effect. In this period, our skin is more sensitive to cold and can be applied to both eyes to relieve swelling.

: Key to Oil Control

NASA's scientific research shows that the human body is particularly elastic at noon, making it an ideal time for gymnastics and other sports. However, at the same time, the sebaceous glands of the skin are most active during this period of time, and are prone to oily faces. During this time, the oil-absorbing face paper should be prepared to deal with the shiny forehead and nose tip.

This period of time is a low peak of your mood: Both blood pressure and hormone values are reduced, which has a negative impact on mood. You can do this: Smell the aromatic smell you like, eat a small piece of chocolate, help the body release more hormones that make people feel happy, eliminate your bad mood instantly. The skin's blood and night circulation were also bad at this time. Many people look pale at noon. This is the reason for their appearance. You can do this: Apply a bit of rouge, lipstick, and a bit of perfume, they can immediately make you shine and shake your spirits.

15-17: write down what you want to remember

At, a person's long-term memory efficiency reached its peak. For students and adults, the computation speed is fast and the new words are the strongest. 15-17: write down what you want to remember

: Golden time of keratin Removal

At, the blood circulation of the skin accelerates, and the body function reaches the peak again. We recommend that you use some detoxification products at this time to make them more effective. In addition, you can choose to use the grinding cream to thoroughly clean the skin at this time, and clear the dirt on the skin surface and the old waste keratin to ensure smooth breathing.

: Exercise most effective

This period is the best time for fitness. Research has proved that at, the heart and lung function is the strongest in a day, the speed of running is much faster than in the morning, and the muscle strength and endurance reach the peak of the day. Of course, because you are an office worker, it is impossible to exercise every day, but you can take some essential fitness items, such as sports shoes, to the office, so that you can start exercise immediately after work.

: Skin dinner time

Use a massage or mask to give your skin a full dinner! From onwards, the cell membrane permeability of the skin is enhanced, which means the absorption capacity of the skin is greatly enhanced. The various nutrients contained in skin care products can be fully absorbed by skin cells.

: Get in the bathtub for a while

The best time to take a bath. Within two hours after, the body's blood pressure gradually drops and its metabolism slows down. Taking a bath can help relieve fatigue and help you sleep.

: Skin whitening during sleep

Sleep before is hailed as the best skin beauty therapy. From pm to midnight PM is the fastest time for cell rest. Choosing a night cream containing active ingredients such as activation and regeneration helps to promote Skin Repair and new life.

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