A applet that uses shortcuts to hide or display the taskbar

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Helping a friend make a smallProgram:

    1. At startup, It is minimized to the tray area and displayed as a Windows icon.
    2. Double-click the icon to display or hide the main interface. Right-click the menu.
    3. You can use the shortcut key (CTRL + q) to hide or display the Windows taskbar. Because the taskbar in Vista is divided into a circular start button and a common taskbar, special processing is required.
    4. Free & open source.

Program: taskbarhide.zip

Code: Taskbarhidesrc.zip (C #)

This program is based on Simon B. Program http://www.codeproject.com/kb/miscctrl/hide_vista_start_orb.aspx,andAlexander Werner ProgramHttp://www.codeproject.com/KB/miscctrl/systemhotkey.aspx


Although this program is very small, there are still some experiences:

    1. For the sake of beauty, both form and tray icons need to be specified. If they are specified separately, it is equivalent to copying three copies of the same icon, and the compiled program occupies too much space. You can add this icon file to the resource and use the code to specify the icon during load. However, the icon of the EXE still needs to be specified.
    2. To be continued.


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