A bank saves $86,400 in your account every morning.

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A bank saves $86,400 in your account every morning.

Imagine a bank deposit $86,400 in your account every morning.
However, the daily account balance cannot be carried forward until tomorrow,
One to the settlement time,
The bank will delete all the funds you have not used up on that day.
In this case, what will you do?
Of course,
It is the best choice to increase the percentage of data without a penny every day.
You may not know,
In fact, each of us has such a bank,
Her name is "time )」.
Every morning, the "time bank" will automatically deposit 86,400 seconds into your account;
One to one night,
She will also automatically cancel all the time you threw out that day,
There is no shard that can be carried forward to tomorrow,
You cannot advance your account a moment in advance.
If you fail to properly use these time deposits,
You are the only one to lose !?
I can't prepose tomorrow without looking back,
You must live in the present based on the time deposits you have.
You should make good use of investment,
In exchange for the greatest health, happiness, and success.
Time is always running, and every day has the best harvest.
To learn more about the value of "One Year", you can ask a failed student.
If you want to know the value of January, you can ask a mother who is unfortunately premature.
To learn about the value of a week, you can ask a regular weekly editor.
To realize the value of "One Hour", you can ask a couple of lovers waiting to get together.
To learn more about the value of "One minute", you can ask a traveler who missed the train.
If you want to know the value of "One second", you can ask a lucky one to survive.
To learn the value of "one millisecond", you can ask an athlete who missed the gold medal.
Please cherish the good times you have,
In particular, you can share your time with someone worth your money.
Don't forget to wait for a while.
Tomorrow is unknown,
Today is a gift,
Therefore, "now" is called a present in English,
Please cherish this gift (present is a gift)

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