A belated Office2016mac preview feature Introduction

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It's really a good time to wait for the flowers to thank you Office 2016 Mac is now Shanshan, relative to the 2011 version of Office, the entire version of either the interface design, or software performance has a big leap, dare not in the ordinary screen of the Mac machine, or the retina screen can be perfect use without the Dayton. Welcome to my personal Sina Weibo, do not like to spray!

Welcome to my Sina Micro blog: @ Color Department http://weibo.com/735977678

Microsoft summed up the three added features of Word2016:

• The Navigation Pane helps you track where you are in the document and moves to the section of interest.

• Dictionaries can be used to improve reading and enhance understanding.

• Pane style allows you to visualize the application and review the styles already applied in the document.

The following are the new features of Excel2016:

• Most Excel keyboard shortcuts are consistent on Windows and Macs.

• The Analysis ToolPak contains all the statistical features needed to perform a deep analysis of the data.

• Slicers allow you to segment information, explore and share new insights.

• Improved printing features include the ability to print a single PDF document.

· Formula Builder allows you to use Excel formulas more simply.

• With AutoComplete, Excel can help you improve efficiency and accuracy in data entry.

Slicer seems to be a useful data analysis tool that separates large amounts of data to look for hidden patterns between data. The Analysis ToolPak contains more advanced statistical features, including moving averages and exponential smoothing.

PowerPoint2016 adds the following features:

• Presenter view allows you to see all the comments on the page and the next page.

This allows you to focus on the audience as you prepare for the next page.

• New pages add more choices, allowing your presentation to create more visual effects.

• Conflict resolution experience allows you to visualize contrasting conflicts, and thus more confidently choose the right version to continue.

• The animated panel helps you handle all the animation effects in one place.

The Mac version of PowerPoint already has an animated tag, but now there is a specific panel that allows you to operate better.

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