A bowl of beef powder--Zhou Yao

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The 24-year-old Zhang Tianshi decided to open a Changde rice noodle shop in Beijing before, has already had a book, or a columnist, has conducted the tour lectures in the country, has a group of loyal "fan".

That year's college entrance examination composition, he wrote the classical Chinese as a negative case on the news. Big two o'clock he gave up the opportunity of the President of the student union to set up a "Tian Yi Bowl" restaurant and opened two chain stores. When he graduated from Beijing, he gave up the opportunity to study abroad for the first time and obtained the master's degree from Peking University, and the mentor was Wuzhi, director of the Research Center for Financial Law, vice president of Peking University.

June 2014, graduating from graduate, he also called 3 partners, in the land of gold in Beijing CBD World Financial Center ground floor, opened a "Ushido" Hunan Changde beef rice noodle Shop, and declared that "we are", for their own work "with the conscience of intellectuals, in the home, to restore the taste of the house."

37 square meters of space in the same floor of the dining shop looks very cramped. To ensure the quality, they only supply 120 bowls of rice noodles a day, and want to eat a day ahead of schedule. 3 o'clock in the afternoon, far away can see the door hanging "rice noodles are sold out, welcome to make an appointment next time" signs.

The layout of the small shop has a Japanese style ramen shop. Zhang Tianshi A Japanese documentary, "The God of Sushi." Every one of the media interviews, he repeated, said he also wanted to sell a lifetime of sushi, the little wild two Lang, "operating a way of life."

Many Hunan villagers came to come, but mostly with "not likely to eat" mentality. One night, a 66-year-old woman who settled in Beijing for many years to come, she did not know the appointment, eventually arrived, rice noodles have been sold out. Aunt hurried away, not a while back, in hand with a bowl from the next door bought no soup noodles, she let Zhang Tianshi a to her poured ushido of the broth. As she ate, she said excitedly that she had not tasted such a hometown for 16 years.

For this taste, Zhang Tianyi and cousin thoughtful almost tasted all over the changde rice noodles.

At that time, just after the year, the hometown of snow has not been exhausted, the weather is cold and humid. The two brothers streets, want to apprentice. The largest rice noodle shop in Changde was short of people, and they wanted to get in. The recruiting aunt glanced at: "I'm afraid you're not here to work, are you?" ”

Two people change the strategy: go to the shop to eat directly, after eating again explain. The bosses responded more directly, with most of their hands waving: "Walk and go, do not give." "Until a small famous rice noodle shop owner is willing to an apprentice, but the opening to 600,000 yuan." The two brothers had to continue to eat flour every day. One weeks later, finally, a rice noodle shop owner is willing to low-priced an apprentice. The two brothers exultation, soon, "The New Bao code" was born.

Now, Liu Yu is Ushido "Mr. Zhangfang", Song responsible for brand promotion, thoughtful when the product of the "CPO (Chief process Officer)", Zhang Tianshi one is "church owner." Thoughtful before the chef has never been, cutting the action of the dish is still very stiff, wrist affixed with a large band of tape. "Cough, often." "Zhang Tianyi says they are earning real" hard-earned money ".

After Ushido fire, a lot of investors actively call to find, Xu "unimaginable astronomical figures." Zhang Tianyi but declined. He thought it very well that "it is up to them". He felt religious devotion to a bowl of beef noodles to the extreme is "a very idealistic thing", is "the law." Profit, make money is "the law" by-product, "If the goal is set at the beginning to make money, then the result can only be obtained, the next."

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A bowl of beef powder--Zhou Yao

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