A brief analysis of several possible declines in Web site collection

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As we all know, the site can be included to enhance the site's PR and the weight of the site, so that the site to get a good ranking. At the same time, this is a measure of website promotion work to do a good or bad standard, but the actual operation of the process there will always be such or such a reason for our site collection speed and the amount of decline, there are some reasons we know that some of the reasons we may not realize.

A website problem

1. Artificial or technical cause of the site anomaly

For the new site, the search engine has a period of inspection, during this period is more cautious, and to release the included information will have a relatively long delay later. So in this period to minimize the man-made or technical reasons for the site anomaly, otherwise it will be included in their own website a great negative effect. Imagine spiders come in at once, it will think that the site is closed, as time passes will not come again. Once our new station is not in the early days of the spider's favor, then all our efforts will be in vain.

2. Website revision

Website optimization process, nothing is not to their own web site revision, bother not to ask the degree of love, because the process of revision we will lose part of the data, if 404 pages do not properly, but also produce a large number of dead chain, after the revision, the search engine will not be able to identify the new site, the old page to retain, The new Web page is not released, the site will be included must be lowered.

3. The website collects the content to be too many, and must not optimize excessively

Although all stationmaster know the content is the essence of the king, but still some webmaster in their own website collected quite a lot of other people's site content, just may be included in the beginning of the phenomenon, but once the search engine detected information time duplication, then will delete the content of webmaster collection, if this content too much, Then the site will certainly appear "turbulence", included in the decline. And once the article is changed keyword, readability will be reduced, included will also be reduced. And a few days ago a friend because can't endure the new stationmaster time rank is not high and the flow is not big, on the use of some similar to the accumulation of keywords, hidden links to improve the ranking of cheating, and in his site contains a large number of transition pages, bridge page cheat search engine information, don't say the first few days effect is really good, But the last days, then the site was directly K, down the right to all provinces, so the initial construction station must be "law-abiding", pay attention to the user experience, strewn, the site will always be better.

4. Outside the chain construction heavy "quantity" does not weigh "the quality"

Friend chain by K or by Baidu Punishment, our site will also suffer, so once found that the friend chain ranking serious decline of the abnormal phenomenon must be removed in time, and we also need to pay attention to the link to find some stable forum or platform, can not blindly request the number of links, but to find suitable for their own site exchange links, Because of the instability of the link will also be caused by the site included down. There are webmaster in the choice of friendship links when it is best to choose their peers, so that the flow of traffic targets high accuracy, to avoid unnecessary hair links. Of course, webmaster also know in the A5 on the construction of the chain is critical, once the article approved, then bring the number of the chain up to thousands.

Two. External causes

1. The server has failed

This is not man-made or technical reasons, but with the first reason I introduced similar, the server in the event of failure, spiders can not crawl the content of the site, which is not friendly to search engines. And according to the author's optimization experience, the general situation within 7 days of the server problem is not resolved, the keyword will appear to decline or even disappear.

2. The Trojan

You also do not say, the Trojan site will be in a certain time range of keywords ranking rapidly upgrade, some time ago a friend to do the treadmill, did not think of their own web site Trojan, but the key word ranking is a row to the home page, that is what reason? We generally call it "last gasps", Because spiders crawl the content of the site at the same time, it will also include those Trojan pages, carefree matter, our web page is included in the amount on the up, but the Trojan is a trojan, will certainly be the Niang delete, so once deleted will cause our web page included the amount of decline.

Three. Baidu Update

This situation is the most let you helpless, but also do not be too anxious, because once Baidu Update or algorithm adjustment, everyone's website will appear the same situation, so treat these days attitude is. Here Zeanzi.

In summary, many factors affect the site, in peacetime operation process, in addition to the above factors chance Wuzegamin, we also want to make their own site structure reasonable, and strengthen the chain and outside the construction of the chain, diligent update, diligence check links, these also want to attract attention. This article by http://aipaobuji.com Original, welcome reprint, reprint, please keep the link, thank you.

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