A brief analysis of the user experience and the role in product design

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Recently like to read a picture to speak, or first on a map bar.

This is a product from the birth of the process, product managers with the help of engineers and designers, as well as the bosses of the circle box, pregnant, and finally gave birth to a new product.

The following is a study of different roles in product design. (Take a café for example)

PD: To build a café, the target group is 25-35-year-old white-collar workers, 80-120 yuan per capita consumption, the lot in XX Road and XX Road Fork, because there are a lot of office buildings and Arts and culture institutions; what kind of cafes are there nearby? Presumably they, we are. Cost budget is

User research: After research, 25-35-year-old People's consumption view is Many white-collar occupations in this lot are Their favorite style is. The main demand is leisure and afternoon rest, but there are 35% investigators who have a morning talk about demand.

Interactive Designer: The whole café is divided into static, noisy two parts, to meet white-collar leisure and entertainment life. East adjacent to green space, relatively quiet, with large screen occlusion, set large floor window. Entry right east corner to open business room.

Visual designer: The overall style is simple, warm, quiet style. Vision with dark green, shallow champagne mainly, supplemented by beige. Chrysanthemum for ornament, the Mediterranean and pastoral style combined.

Products are led by product managers, but will certainly receive different roles for different parts of the product recommendations. Therefore, the birth of a product is the result of the integration of these role ideas.

"One small step forward, civilization a big step" is the men's room often see the slogan, but the effect is not how good. Look at this idea, it is said to be very good effect.

It's not a real fly, it's a painting. Believe that the male compatriots have such a hobby, see inside there are things, like to give him a steady ruthless. Using the characteristics of human nature, skillfully concentrated the firepower to a little

The same product, but because there is more than one fly, its function, experience are the quality of ascension.

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