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I have done bidding advertising marketing, the most afraid of the encounter should belong to those who have a false flow of the site. We advertise these false sites, not only because the traffic is not true to the real customer waste, and these false traffic will also occupy our site resources, to our server impact. So how do we distinguish false and true to identify some of these hairenbujian false traffic sites? The author today simply shares their own judgment whether it is a false flow of three small methods. But first we have to come down and understand the definition of false traffic.

If we want to know how to distinguish false traffic, first we have to understand the definition of false traffic. False flow of the author's personal definition is to use a large number of IP to constantly change the IP access site to improve the site's IP traffic. But what is the harm to our site? We can give an example, if there is a day IP tens of thousands of sites said to you a advertising position, the price is 500 yuan per month. So if the IP is true, then you earn it, but if the data is brushed, then the money is thrown into the sea. Why didn't you say that? It's not the same. But you can imagine, if the brush, the more than 10,000 IP has a few real visitors to the site, these false IP does not bring real benefits to your site. So since the false IP is so hateful, how should we identify it?

 Method One: First, if he is clear that the site has so many IP traffic, you can first view the site included

Add a site to say that their own independent IP traffic can reach tens of thousands, but in search engines but only a few or dozens of pages of the collection, which is obviously false. But there are always exceptions to the foreign affairs, if the site of these several or dozens of pages are high flow of keywords and ranked first, it is possible to achieve. Then we need to check the station's keyword search volume and search index status.

  Method Two: Ask the stationmaster to request the traffic statistic report of this website

In general, we buy a certain advertising before, we can first contact the station webmaster, asking the webmaster to provide the station's flow statement. After the report, we want to analyze the station's IP, PV and the high and low, browsing depth and the length of the page and so on data. Add IP data and PV data close, and low, then this site general traffic is false, advertising and not how much effect.

  Method Three: Check whether the site has to do bidding ads

In addition to the author said above to obtain high flow needs a high ranking, in fact, there is a channel to obtain high flow, that is the use of bidding rankings. By bidding rankings, you can make the site in a certain traffic high key words to get a lot of traffic. Then we analyze the authenticity of a site's traffic, in addition to the analysis of the station's inclusion rankings, we can also analyze whether the station has to do bidding rankings. If any, even if the low, keyword ranking low, can also be achieved high traffic.

The author of the free Internet Card (http://www.mfswk.info) in the above sharing of several methods is only a rough reference, and can not truly reflect the real flow of a site. However, the author of these three methods, can be roughly analyzed the flow of a site is false. In this year, the fight against counterfeiting is necessary, and finally wish you all can have a good years.

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