A Brief History of Linux development

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 The five pillars of Linux are summarized as follows:

① UNIX operating system -- Unix was born in Bell Laboratory in 1969. Linux is a clone system of UNIX. Needless to say about the importance of UNIX.

② Minix Operating System-minix operating system is also a clone system of Unix. It was developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum, a famous computer professor in 1987. The emergence of the minix system and the provisionSource code(It can only be used in universities for free) has been a tornado of UNIX learning in universities around the world. At the beginning of Linux, development started in 1991 with reference to the minix system.

③ GNU Program-the development of Linux operating systems and most of the software used on Linux are basically from the GNU program. Linux is only a kernel of the operating system. If there is no GNU software environment (such as bash shell), it will be hard for Linux.

④ POSIX standard-this standard plays an important role in promoting the development of the Linux operating system on the regular road. It is the beacon of the Development of Linux.

⑤ Internet-if there is no intenet network and there is no selfless dedication from countless computer hackers around the world, Linux can only grow to version 0.13 (0.95) at most.


Brief history of Linux kernel version development:


0.01 (1991.9 ?) The first Linux kernel version officially released.
0.02 (1991.10.5) This version and 0.03 version are internal versions and cannot be found at present.
0.03 (1991.10.5)
0.10 (1991.10) Linux kernel version released by Ted ts O.
0.11 (1991.12.8) is a kernel version that can run normally.
0.12 (1992.1.15) is mainly used to simulate the mathematical coprocessor software.Program.
0.95 (0.13) (1992.3.8) began to join the kernel version of the Virtual File System idea.
0.96 (1992.5.12) began to join network support and Virtual File System VFS.
0.97 (1992.8.1)
0.98 (1992.9.29)
0.99 (1992.12.13)
1.0 (1994.3.14)
1.20 (1995.3.7)
2.0 (1996.2.9)
2.40 (2001.1.4)
2.60 (2003.12.17)

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