A brief introduction to several common cards

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a brief introduction to several common cards:

1. M1 Card

M1 Card is contactless induction card, data retention is 10, can be rewritten 100,000 times, Read unlimited times. No power supply, self-contained antenna, operating frequency of 13.56MHZ. Contains cryptographic control logic and communication logic circuitry. Generally there are two main kinds, S50 and S70.

S50 capacity 1kbyte,16 sector (Sector), each sector 4 blocks (block) (blocks 0~3), a total of 64 blocks, by block number address as 0~63. Each sector has a separate set of passwords and access controls. The No. 0 Sector block 0 (that is, absolute address 0 block) is used to store the manufacturer code, has been cured, cannot be changed. Other sectors of the block 0, Block 1, Block 2 is a data block for storing data, Block 3 is a control block, storing password A, access control, password B.

The other is the storage capacity of s70,4k byte (bytes), which is the storage capacity of 32Kbit (bits). S70 cards and S50 cards are fully compatible with the protocol and command, the only difference is the capacity of the two cards, S70 card A total of 40 sectors, the front 32 sectors (0 ~ 31) and S50 card is identical. The next 8 sectors (32 ~ 39), each sector is 16 blocks, and each block is 16 bytes, and the last piece is the password control block for that sector.

2. MF Ultra Light card

The ultralight card is a contactless IC card with a capacity of 512 bits. There are 16 blocks with 4 bytes per block. 4-15 Block is a data block, Block 0--Block 2 is a special data block. Block 3 is a one-time programmable area for the user. There are 7 bytes stored in the 0-1 block serial number, can not be changed, to form an effective anti-cloning mechanism. Data can be saved for two years, and the ability to erase write 1000 times.

32-bit user definable one-time programming area, 384-bit user read and write area.

Conflict prevention: Multiple cards can be processed at one time.

Read and write Distance: within 100mm (antenna-related)

Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ no power supply inside the card

3. SHC1102 Card

The SHC1102 is a contactless IC card with a storage capacity of 512Bit. Data retention time is greater than 10 and the number of erase times is greater than 100,000. There are 16 blocks (block), each block consists of 4 bytes, each byte 8 bits. Block 0, Block 1 is a special block of data that holds the manufacturer code (MID), the Customer code (CID), and the unique serial number (UID) called the manufacturer's block. The data in the manufacturer's block is written by the chip manufacturer during the production process, the data is read-only and cannot be rewritten.

Key Block:

Block 8 is dedicated to storing the authentication key, called the key block, this block of data must be authenticated before it can be read or can be rewritten.

Application Data area 1 (DATA1):

Application Data area 1: Block 2---block 7 (DATA1)

The data can be read without authentication, but it must be authenticated before it can be erased.

Application Data area 2 (DATA2):

Application Data Area 2: Block 9---block (DATA2)

The data must be certified before it can be read and written.

4. DESFire Card:

DESFire card is a kind of contactless IC card, the storage capacity is generally 4K bytes. Operating frequency is 13.56MHZ, card erase write 100,000 times. Each card can build 28 apps, and each app can build 16 files. The terminal and card triple mutual authentication ensures a high level of security. has hardware des/3des encryption and anti-attack protection in the RF channel. 7Byte Card unique serial number, support agreement: ISO/IEC 14443A Type a/mifare.

5. FM11RF32 Card:

The FM11RF32 card is a large-capacity RF card with a capacity of 4kx8 Bits,Complies with ISO14443-A standard, operating frequency is 13.56MHZ. With very high confidentiality and logic processing function, support triple security Witness. Can erase 100,000 times, data retention period of 10 years. is divided into 64 sectors, each of which consists of 4 data blocks, each of which consists of 16 bytes. Block 3 of each sector contains the sector's password A (6 bytes), Access control (4 bytes) and password B (6 bytes), is a special block, the remaining three blocks are general data blocks. However, block 0 of the sector is special, it is used to store the manufacturer's code such as 32-bit serial number, has been cured, read-only non-change. Data blocks have two applications: used for general data preservation, direct read and write, and 10 in a special format, which can be initialized with assignment, add value, and read value.

6. fm11rf005m Card

The fm11rf005m card is a contactless RF card with a capacity of 512Bits. Complies with the ISO14443-A standard, the operating frequency is 13.56MHZ. Contains encryption control and communication control circuitry, is a non-contact RF card with very high confidentiality and logic processing function. can support the Mifires algorithm triple security certification. Can erase 100,000 times, data retention period of 10 years. The memory of the fm11rf005m card is divided into 3 zones, 16 blocks, 4 bytes per block, 8 bits per byte. This article uses Chrysanthemum Zi Yue to publish

A brief introduction to several common cards

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