A brief introduction to the x86 and x64 differences between windows

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Simply put, x86 represents a 32-bit operating system x64 represents a 64-bit operating system.

  Windows7 32-bit and 64-bit differences are mainly in the following two areas:
1. Two kinds of systems to the CPU GPRS data width requirements are different, one is 64 bits, one is 32 bits;
Simply determine if the computer supports 64-bit operating systems: http://www.windows7en.com/Win7/5305.html
If your CPU is more than two cores, it will certainly support 64-bit operating systems.
2. Memory requirements, 64-bit support for 4G and above the memory of the computer, 32-bit support 4G of the memory of the computer.
In other words, if your computer has more than 4G of memory, it will use a 64-bit system, because 32-bit Windows 7 or Vista, the largest only support 3.25G of memory. The maximum of 64-bit Windows 7 will support 128G of memory.

  The following is a paragraph of text on a reference network:

There are two main advantages of 64bit computing: A larger range of integer operations can be performed, and larger memory can be supported.

It is not possible to simply assume that the performance of a 64bit processor is twice times the performance of a 32bit processor because of a digital change. In fact, in 32bit applications, 32bit processor performance even stronger, even the 64bit processor, the current situation is also under the 32bit application performance is stronger. So to recognize the advantages of 64bit processor, but not superstitious 64bit.

The above is the Windows7 32-bit and 64-bit difference between the answer, in the judgment of the computer CPU is dual core and more than 4G of memory, then be confident to use Win7 64-bit operating system.

A brief introduction to the x86 and x64 differences between windows

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