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Today's writing, one is to express the anger in my heart, the second is to elaborate on my site construction of the doubts, three warning Web site optimization Novice do not go into the chain of misunderstanding. Back to the point, as a professional website optimization personnel, the author of the Lonely Prince know the "content for the king, the chain for the emperor," the truth, so in order to undertake the task, the author is also in the content and outside the chain to work hard. Nonsense not to say, the author analyzes the customer site outside the chain number from one months ago more than 1000, increased to now more than 10,000, unfortunately by k off the cause and consequences. Customer site ranked first needless to say, see a large increase in traffic, a good future is in sight. But have to face the brutal Baidu K off reality, let me sad unceasingly.

The author of Lonely Prince, today to analyze and analyze, hope to bring a little enlightenment to us:

(1) Website construction of Chinese and foreign chain construction is essential

Needless to say, the importance of outside the chain of everyone at a glance. In the words of Baidu Encyclopedia: Outside the chain refers to from other sites into their own site links. Importing links is a very important process for Web site optimization. The quality of the import link directly determines the weight of our site in the search engine. At present, increasing the chain has become the majority of webmaster more attention and headaches, how to get outside the chain? And how to form a sprocket through external links to increase the weight of their own site. I count, now increase the main way of the chain is nothing more than Baidu question and answer platform, the forum outside the chain, classified information platform, as well as network media platform (through soft text plus links) and so on. The first three kinds of methods are the most popular way stationmaster, is also the more effective method. Some stationmaster issued the opinion, does not do outside the chain line does not have! The author thinks, the outside chain not only must do, moreover must do not, even has to go the way. Even if you don't do much every day, stick to it. Because the change of the Internet quickly, maybe you have done outside the chain have been sunk, or Baidu search engine has changed, the outside chain will also be affected.

(2) Outside the chain January after the surge of 10,000 of joy extremely sad

Website construction can not be less outside the chain, so the author also undertook a lot of outside the chain of jobs. One of the customers, the content of the site to the network company, the chain of this aspect will be handed to a soft Wen studio responsible. In fact, we do outside the chain is very simple, is to adhere to the manual daily in dozens of forums outside the chain of forum. The number is not much, more than 40 or so. When we received the customer site, the customer site's chain is only 1900多 points. Ranked on the second page. We have such a hair for one months outside the chain, the forum chain, Baidu, Tianya and other questions and answers platform, the number of chain soared to more than 10,000, how can not believe, but this is the fact, as shown (1) (2). Because of the increase in the chain, the site's ranking speed is very fast, from the second page to the Baidu homepage, the final ranking in the first place. The chain also changes from 2000, to 6,000, to 8,000, to 10,000. At that time, I was overjoyed, the customer site traffic, the prospect of a beautiful. But did not think of this November early, Baidu ruthless killer, let my site saw the Hades.


One months ago outside the chain


Outside the chain after one months

(3) site by K, meditation site construction of the outside chain factors

I learned from this lesson, but also hope that those who indulge in the chain of webmaster can be inspired. Outside the chain is a lot of webmaster can not be abandoned, but also can not be rash. Site rankings must have a strong outside the chain as a support, to allow the site to go forward. Only the daily increase in the chain, your site ranking will be a day forward, until Baidu home page. Because the chain every day there will be lost time, then can not be discouraged, to speak of the lost repair back, but also to be able to make up the basis of a little more. Note that we increase the chain at the same time, we must bear in mind can not be too aggressive, the growth of the chain must not be excessive, even inconceivable. Otherwise, you are not far from the results of the K-site. Baidu search engine will be hard to think you this is cheating, or through the tool caused by the results. Then your site will be K. Also, we do outside the chain can not be too monotonous. A wide range of coverage is required in order to produce the best results. The author has a number of high weight outside the chain of resources, each help customers after the chain, the basic soon included, the effect is good. This proves that our outer chain construction, should pay attention to the outer chain of high weight, too low, not much effect. In short, outside the chain of construction, can not from the weight, speed, ranking, time to measure. As long as you do, you will be able to achieve success in the construction of the website.

The author lonely Prince here and you share here, I will continue to release my different experience in A5. The author has its own blog. Welcome you to exchange and leave a message, also can add my QQ1135554872, discuss with each other! Thank you for the construction of Xuzhou website www.xzxyl.com Support, if reproduced please link form to indicate this address.

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