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For a site that needs rankings, weight or not is too important, because a low weight of the site is not only the snapshot of the old, the collection of blown up will not be too much, and the most important thing is this site will certainly not have any good rankings; In contrast, a relatively high weight of the site, The results are not the same, because the weight of the Web site can be more like Baidu, so no matter in the snapshot of the site, or the collection and ranking will be better, that we webmaster what to do to help the site to enhance the weight? In fact, it is also simple, if you do not know how to enhance the weight of the site, Take a look at the following I summed up the experience, as a reference or reference it!

First of all, the site is best to find a fixed time every day to update, so that the site into Baidu like the law of the site!

Whether your site is just a new station on the line, or run a long time of the old station, in order to better increase the Baidu spider to the site's goodwill, we webmaster are very necessary to find a fixed time every day to update the site (of course, even if not for search engines, even to enable users to browse every day to the latest content, We stationmaster all wants the theorem to update the website), as long as you insist on a certain period of time every day to update the site, so that the site has changed Baidu like the law of the site, which is very natural Baidu will be more like your site, and a Baidu spider favorite site, no matter what you do will have a "multiplier effect!"

Then the site to add more original content, for not original content one this to slightly make changes!

The so-called "content is king", webmaster want to improve the weight of the site, of course, the quality of the original content, after all, Baidu has been claiming how much it is "like" the original content, but also have examples have shown that the original higher the weight of the site will be more than those light collection of the weight of the site to come high. Therefore, if you can do webmaster record every day to write some original content hair, if it is not the original content can be written, as long as the collection or reprint of the content to modify, as far as possible to achieve false original effect, do not like the original text on the line!

Moreover, appropriate to add some high-quality outside the chain, or more with the quality of similar sites to exchange links!

Webmaster whether in order to improve the PR value of Google, or to enhance the weight of the site, the site is not without the quality of the chain eye links, so the webmaster usually have nothing to do when the big weight of the relatively high web site is a forum to see if it can be in its website or forum to leave a chain, or a webmaster, As long as the AX net production table chain and the number of links, quality and high enough, then your site will certainly be very easy, but also will quickly upgrade up.

Of course, if you webmaster feel the hair chain a piece of the to send a real hundred points too tired, I have a way to provide to everyone here, and this method allows you to use a chain for dozens of chain, and maybe even more, and this method is to write webmaster soft wen, Then in the major more well-known webmaster site or forum for other sites Leng load, as long as you write the soft text is also good, then reprinted the site will be a lot, as long as you reprint the soft text of the site, then the corresponding you get the chain will be a lot, so that we can easily get the webmaster a lot of outside the chain.

Finally, to ensure the stability of the site, do not use tools to cheat, and do not arbitrarily modify the site title template and source code!

Webmaster in the things to do, okay? The next thing is to do all the ability to ensure the stability of the site operation, then what is the stability of the site to run it? In fact, as long as the following several aspects can be: first, as far as possible to ensure that the site use of the space host stability, as well as access speed, After all, a site that is often not open or slow to visit is very difficult to make people like it; second, the webmaster do not easily use what the chain of mass tools, so as to avoid the original is to help the site to enhance the weight, but is because the use of what mass tools are Baidu down right will not have a taste of lost; Can not casually modify the title of the site and keywords, but also can not be in the site when the weight is low to replace the site template or source code.

Conclusion: The above content only for my personal experience summary, if said not to the ground, or have any questions also please advise, but declined personal attack, at the same time if you have a better method or experience may write a written, and then sent to webmaster online for your webmaster Exchange and exchange.

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