A brief talk on the method of preventing Baidu from decreasing back chain

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I'm glad to meet you again in A5. Some time ago, our most scientific and technological establishment of a dream network science and Technology Limited liability company is responsible for SEO optimization team, and strive in the Search engine optimization competition in the era can gain a foothold, of course, webmaster Network has become our brand, sharing experience, one of the main platforms. As you all know, sharing experience in A5 can be a lot of forwarding, although these forwards are not hyperlinks, but for the promotion of the site's exposure is enough.

Baidu as an example of the search engine in fact, every day there is an update of the algorithm, each algorithm update may affect the number of Web site chain changes. There may be many friends have encountered the number of reverse chain in the day than the previous days of the reduction of the situation (shown below), then we share with you today is to prevent Baidu to reduce the chain of methods.



First, what we need to understand is what causes the reduction of the chain.

One, a large number of duplicate content caused by Baidu delete back chain

Baidu in the collection of links, is the information stored in the database. And the update of the database is to delete the online collection of a large number of duplicate content of the process, if the content of the chain is a large number of duplication, there is the risk of being deleted.

Second, the release of the chain of the site platform weight is not high

It is also important to look at the weight of the site when you choose to publish the reverse chain platform. If the weight on the site is not high on the release of the chain, then the effect is very reluctant. Also noteworthy is that webmaster friends often do the forum signature chain also belong to the low weight, a large number of forum signature chain will also lead to the number of Baidu chain instability.

Third, the outgoing chain platform was punished by Baidu

This point to the chain of friends may be said to be the most wronged, the suffering of the implication. Therefore, the focus is still on our choice of distribution outside the chain platform, the choice of high-quality, stable, authoritative outside the chain platform is very critical.

After a general understanding of the causes of the reduction in the chain, we can prescribe the right remedy.

First, choose a good outside the chain platform

Choose a good outside the chain platform can help you in the website optimization Road to go farther, science and technology blog The most technology for everyone recommend a number of counter chain platform:

1, Questions and Answers Category: Baidu know, Tianya question and answer, know

2, classified websites: people net, net, 58 city

3, SNS community: A micron, Dot dot net, Baidu space

4, Blog Category: Sina blog, News and news blog

5, Forum Category: Major news sources of the site's affiliated forum

6, Webmaster Network: A5 (grandly recommended), Chinaz

Second, the release of good content

Avoid a lot of duplication and paste the same content to different outside the chain platform, so you hand-made duplicate content may eventually destroy your ranking. Perhaps friends in their own site posted content will notice false original, but in the release of the chain when also pay attention to false original technique application. More importantly, the readability of the article is strong, natural also will bring to your website reasonable traffic.

Third, reasonable and stable increase of the back chain

The surge in the chain often leads to a sudden reduction in the chain. The instability of the number of external chain also may cause you in a short period of time Baidu back chain shrinkage. So, remind Webmaster Friend is, release chain three minutes heat.

Said so much, but the most scientific and technical http://www.zuitech.com SEO team insists that the chain is always the auxiliary site optimization, really do a good job in the optimization or the content of their own website hard work. "Iron also need their own hard", only to practice good internal strength, in order to attract the favor of Baidu, can bring more reprint and reverse chain.

Hope for the site to optimize the interests of friends can add our qq:2603044372, but also wish everyone back to the chain.

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