A brief understanding of python module concepts and python module concepts

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A brief understanding of python module concepts and python module concepts

This article describes the concept of a module in Python, as follows.

The module is the basic way for python to organize code:

All python scripts are saved using text files with the extension py.
A script can be run independently or imported to another script.
When a script is imported into another script, it is called a module.

The module name is the same as the script file name:

For example, you have an items. py script,
You can use the import items statement to import it in another script.

This is a piece of python code named cal. py. It will be used as the code after the cal module is imported:

#!/usr/bin/python#coding:utf-8from __future__ import divisiondef jia(x,y):  return x+ydef jian(x,y):  return x-ydef cheng(x,y):  return x*ydef chu(x,y):  return x/ydef operator(x,o,y):  if o == "+":    print jia(x,y)  elif o == "-":    print jian(x,y)  elif o == "*":    print cheng(x,y)  elif o == "/":    print chu(x,y)  else:    passif __name__=="__main__":  operator(2,'+',4)

There are three ways to import the cal module:

#import cal#print cal.jia(1,2)#import cal as c#print c.jia(1,2)from cal import jiaprint jia(1,2)

Another type of import module is a package. It is often used when many modules need to be managed under the same package:

First, create a _ init _. py file in the package where the module code is stored (the folder name is test), and double underscores (_ init _. py) before and after init. Then, you can use the following code in other directories:

import test.calcal.jia(1,2)


· The module is a python script file that can be imported;

· A package is a bunch of modules and sub-packages organized by directory. _ init _. py in the directory
The file stores the package information.

· You can use import, import as, from import and other statements to import modules and packages.

The above is all about a brief understanding of the concept of the python module, and I hope to help you. If you are interested, you can continue to refer to other related topics on this site. If you have any shortcomings, please leave a message. Thank you for your support!

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