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As we all know, the excellent three-dimensional graphical drawing function is one of the most important new features in PowerPoint 2007. So, I want to take some simple steps to show you some of the features of this new feature and how you can use them.

For starters, how do you get a three-dimensional graphic? The secret is that in PowerPoint 2007, all graphics are initially two-dimensional, until you apply a "bevel" or "three-dimensional rotation" effect to it.

OK, let's start with one of the simplest graphics, step by step to build a beautiful three-dimensional graphics.

First, when you start PowerPoint 2007, you'll see a default user interface.

Start PowerPoint 2007 (click to see larger image)

To highlight the graphics, let's start with PowerPoint 2007 to create a new, blank slide with the choice of the interface!

Create a new slide

From the Drop-down menu that pops up, select Create a blank slide.

Select a template

When a blank slide is created, to add a simple two-dimensional graphic to it, we need to click the Shape button on the PowerPoint 2007 toolbar.

Insert shapes, create graphics

Then select a simple hex star shape in the Drop-down menu that pops up.

Select a "Hexagonal star" icon

When the six-point star appears on a blank slide, for the convenience of everyone, we can zoom in by selecting a six-point star and then stretching it. Well, this is the first two-dimensional graphic we've started as a start.

The original two-dimensional graphic

Next, we need to switch to a professional pattern because the following actions are for the format and appearance of the graphic. When we use the mouse to select the six-Star graphics, in the middle of PowerPoint using the top of the interface, there will be a "drawing tool" hint, and next to the "drawing Tool", a new "format" label appears. When we select the "Format" tab, you can see that the entire bottom toolbar will change. And all the formatting or styling of the graphic text on the slide you can almost find here.

Color Fill (click to see larger image)

A very quick and easy way to convert two-dimensional planar graphics to three-dimensional graphics is to use one of the "preset" effects in the shape effects feature. When your mouse slides over a variety of preset effects buttons, PowerPoint 2007 will display the preview on the graph in real time, which is very handy.

Effect settings (click to see larger image)

When you select a "preset" effect, the corresponding "bevel" or "three-dimensional rotation" effect is applied to the graph. Here, we chose the "preset 10" and immediately got a beautiful three-dimensional graphic:

Stereo Effect Chart

In the stereo effect, we can freely change the color of the graphic, just like changing the color of two-dimensional graphics. Also, the changed color will automatically apply the corresponding three-dimensional graphic effect. Here, in order to make the three-dimensional effect of the hexagonal star more prominent, I chose to deepen its color a bit!

Color deepened

Use the bevel effect feature under preset to make graphics automatically have a different three-dimensional look.

Cosmetic of effect

Here, I chose the "angle" effect, highlighting the six-star three-dimensional stereo sense:

Select the "angle" effect after the three-dimensional

You can define the placement and perspective of a graphic by using the three-dimensional rotation effect feature under bevel.

Three-dimensional rotation settings

Here, I choose to let the hexagonal star figure "Stand up".

The six-horned star standing up

Next, if you want, you can also add text to the graphic as if you were adding text to the graphic in the plane. All you need to do is click on the mouse to select the graphic, and then enter the text directly into it.

Select a graphic to enter Chinese characters or characters

After the text input, you can also use the mouse to highlight the corresponding text, in the floating menu appears in the text of the style of some basic settings.

Adjust font effects

When the text style is set, click on the blank area outside the graphic, and you can see that the text will automatically apply the previous three-dimensional graphic effect, and the entire graphic to integrate.

Fonts and graphics are easy to integrate

If you want to further set the style of the text, you can also use the features in the WordArt style in the toolbar.

You can also add the WordArt effect

There are a variety of artistic fonts available for you to choose from.

WordArt style

When you apply the art font to the text in the graphic, it automatically adjusts and blends into the style of the whole three-dimensional graphic.

Effects after adding WordArt

Finally, in PowerPoint 2007, you can also view the text in a graphic as a separate graphic, using a variety of stereo effects on its own.

You can simply set the various effects of the word individually

Image effects

So, we finally got this gorgeous three-dimensional graphics, is not very simple ah?

Figure 23 Final effect diagram

With this series of simple operations, we've created this three-dimensional graphic with a professionally designed look inside of PowerPoint. What are the advantages of doing this instead of painting it in other professional drawing programs and then pasting the hexagonal star into the slide? First of all, obviously, because all operations are done in a PowerPoint program, there is no conversion of other programs, so the whole process is much simpler. Also, when you change the size of the graphic, all of the elements in the graphic are automatically rendered and adjusted to fit the new style and theme, and the graphic can be naturally replicated and migrated between PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook programs. and automatically adapt to a variety of different display environment.

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