A bug occurred when I upgraded my boyfriend to my husband.

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I upgraded my "Boyfriend 5.0" to "Husband 1.0" last year, and found that the financial software had an unexpected change, resulting in, the connectivity of the Well-running "Flower" and "ornament" applications is impaired. in addition, the "Husband 1.0" system deleted "romantic 9.9" and other software, and installed "Football 11.0" or "nba3.0" without authorization. What's worse, the "Communication 8.0" system is not as flexible as it was before, and the "Housework 2.6" subsystem is gradually collapsing. I tried to solve the problem with "nagging 5.3", but it still didn't work.


Please tell me how to solve this problem?


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Please note that "Boyfriend 5.0" is an entertainment software, but "Husband 1.0" is an operating system. In MS-DOS mode, enter "C:/Do you not love me now? "Command, install" Tear 6.2 "later ". In this way, "Husband 1.0" may automatically run "inner sense 3.0" and "flower7.0" applications. However, if you use too much, "Husband 1.0" may set "Silence 2.5" or "Beer 6.1" as the default program. "Beer 6.1" sometimes automatically creates "snoring" audio files. Do not install "Mother-in-law 1.0" or other "boyfriend" software, which will not help you, but may even damage "Husband 1.0 ".


In short, "Husband 1.0" is a good system, but its memory is limited, so it takes some time to adapt to the new software. To improve its performance, add new software, such as "delicious food 3.0 ".


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