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There are three main sound interfaces:

SimpleAudioEngine, CDAudioManager, and CDSoundEngine

1. SimpleAudioEngine

@ Interface SimpleAudioEngine: NSObject
{BOOLmute _; BOOLenabled _;}/** Background music volume. range is 0.0f to 1.0f. This will only have an effect if willPlayBackgroundMusic returns YES */@ property (readwrite) float backgroundMusicVolume; // background music audio/** Effects volume. range is 0.0f to 1.0f */@ property (readwrite) float audio tsvolume; // audio sound settings/** If NO it indicates background music will not be played either because no background music is Loaded or the audio session does not permit it. */@ property (readonly) BOOL willPlayBackgroundMusic; // whether to play background music. If it is preloaded, YES is used.
/** Returns the shared instance of the SimpleAudioEngine object */+ (SimpleAudioEngine *) sharedEngine; // Singleton class method. When using the instance method, use the // [SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] instance method.
// Pre-load the background music/** Preloads a music file so it will be ready to play as background music */-(void) preloadBackgroundMusic :( NSString *) filePath;
// Use the path to load the background music/** plays background music in a loop */-(void) playBackgroundMusic :( NSString *) filePath;/** plays background music, if loop is true the music will repeat otherwise it will be played once */
-(void) playBackgroundMusic:(NSString*) filePath loop:(BOOL) loop;
// Stop/pause playing background music/** stops playing background music */-(void) stopBackgroundMusic;/** pauses the background music */-(void) pauseBackgroundMusic;
// Continue playing background music/** resume background music that has been paused */-(void) resumeBackgroundMusic;
// Replay the background music/** rewind the background music */-(void) rewindBackgroundMusic;
// Whether the background music is being played/** returns whether or not the background music is playing */-(BOOL) isBackgroundMusicPlaying;
// Set the sound effect. It is similar to the setting of background music, but it has three more parameters: pitch (tune) pan: sound source gain volume/** plays an audio effect with a file path */-(ALuint) playEffect :( NSString *) filePath;/** stop a sound that is playing, note you must pass in the soundId that is returned when you started playing the sound with playEffect */-(void) stopEffect :( ALuint) soundId; /** plays an audio effect with a file path, pitch, pan and gain */-(ALuint) playEffect :( NSString *) filePath pitch :( Float32) pitch pan :( Float32) pan gain :( Float32) gain;/** preloads an audio effect */-(void) preloadEffect :( NSString *) filePath;
// Uninstall this audio effect/** unloads an audio effect from memory */-(void) unloadEffect :( NSString *) filePath; /** Gets a CDSoundSource object set up to play the specified file. */-(CDSoundSource *) soundSourceForFile :( NSString *) filePath;
// End sound effect/** Shuts down the shared audio engine instance so that it can be reinitialised */+ (void) end; @ end

2. CDAudioManager is a more complex API than SimpleAudioEngine.

@ Interface CDAudioManager: NSObject
{CDSoundEngine * soundEngine; CDLongAudioSource * backgroundMusic; NSMutableArray * category; NSString * _ audioSessionCategory; category; region; SEL category; id category; BOOL willPlayBackgroundMusic; BOOL _ mute; // mute BOOL _ resigned; BOOL _ interrupted; // whether the BOOL _ audioSessionActive is interrupted; BOOL enabled _; // whether the BOOL _ audioSessionActive is ended // For handling resign/become activeBOOL _ isobservingappeven; response _ resignBehavior;} @ property (readonly) CDSoundEngine * soundEngine; @ property (readonly) CDLongAudioSource * backgroundMusic; @ property (readonly) BOOL willPlayBackgroundMusic; /** Returns the shared singleton */+ (CDAudioManager *) sharedManager; + (tAudioManagerState) sharedManagerState;/** Configures the shared singleton with a mode */+ (void) configure: (tAudioManagerMode) mode;/** Initializes the engine asynchronously with a mode */+ (void) initAsynchronously: (tAudioManagerMode) mode;/** Initializes the engine synchronously with a mode, channel definition and a total number of channels */-(id) init: (tAudioManagerMode) mode;-(void) audioSessionInterrupted;-(void) audioSessionResumed;-(void) setResignBehavior :( tAudioManagerResignBehavior) resignBehavior autoHandle :( BOOL) autoHandle;/** Returns true is audio is muted at a hardware level e. g user has ringer switch set to off */-(BOOL) isDeviceMuted; // interrupted/** Returns true if another app is playing audio such as the iPod music player */-(BOOL) isOtherAudioPlaying;
/** Sets the way the audio manager interacts with the operating system such as whether it shares output with other apps or obeys the mute switch */-(void) setMode:(tAudioManagerMode) mode;/** Shuts down the shared audio manager instance so that it can be reinitialised */+(void) end;/** Call if you want to use built in resign behavior but need to do some additional audio processing on resign active. */- (void) applicationWillResignActive;/** Call if you want to use built in resign behavior but need to do some additional audio processing on become active. */- (void) applicationDidBecomeActive;
//New AVAudioPlayer API/** Loads the data from the specified file path to the channel's audio source */-(CDLongAudioSource*) audioSourceLoad:(NSString*) filePath channel:(tAudioSourceChannel) channel;/** Retrieves the audio source for the specified channel */-(CDLongAudioSource*) audioSourceForChannel:(tAudioSourceChannel) channel;
// The same part as simpleAudioEngine // Legacy AVAudioPlayer API/** Plays music in background. the music can be looped or not It is recommended to use. aac files as background music since they are decoded by the device (hardware ). */-(void) playBackgroundMusic :( NSString *) filePath loop :( BOOL) loop;/** Preloads a background music */-(void) preloadBackgroundMusic :( NSString *) filePath; /** Stops playing the background music */-(void) stopBackgroundMusic;/** Pauses the background music */-(void) pauseBackgroundMusic; /** Rewinds the background music */-(void) rewindBackgroundMusic;/** Resumes playing the background music */-(void) resumeBackgroundMusic; /** Returns whether or not the background music is playing */-(BOOL) isBackgroundMusicPlaying;-(void) setBackgroundMusicCompletionListener :( id) listener selector :( SEL) selector; @ end/** Fader for long audio source objects */@ interface CDLongAudioSourceFader: CDPropertyModifier {}@ endstatic const int kCDNoBuffer =-1; /** Allows buffers to be associated with file names */@ interface CDBufferManager: NSObject {response * loadedBuffers; NSMutableArray * freedBuffers; optional * soundEngine; int nextBufferId;}-(id) initWithEngine :( CDSoundEngine *) theSoundEngine;-(int) bufferForFile :( NSString *) filePath create :( BOOL) create;-(void) releaseBufferForFile :( NSString *) filePath; @ end

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