A case study of PS product repair drawing technique

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Here for you to share a PS product repair map skills Examples of tutorials, mainly through the example of the Cup explained to you, the tutorial is relatively simple, suitable for beginners to learn, hope to help everyone!

First find a cup of material (whatever it may be).

Then we find a way to pull out the outline with a pen, anyway, whatever you want to do, you can get the contour out

That's the thing, then fill the color, and of course the color of the cup body

Because there's a little bit of stuff on the glass surface, so we're going to add noise

The effect is this

Feeling is not the prototype of the Cup, O (∩_∩) o~ Meng Meng

Now draw a cup mouth, the color fill a little deeper, slightly blurred

It feels like a cup.

Next we do the details, often the key is the details

The details will not be shown one by one, but in practice.

First dig up the picture, the pen, in the original Cup above the color block to pull rough, roughly like

Then become a selection (Ctrl + Enter)

Then fill the white

Then filter, Gaussian blur, pay attention to adjust the strength

The appropriate adjustment of transparency, the edge of the mask with a wipe (wipe the attention to adjust the brush hardness soft, see effect)

And then make a color block

Wipe the cup mouth with a mask, adjust the transparency of the brush (adjust properly)

I feel good.

The cup is a lot of high light color block and shadow color block

It's all done with the above method.

Cup mouth, method above

Cup handle, method above

Finish these details.

The effect is as follows

Does it feel--it's kind of like it.

White high light, here is how to do it, the pen draw a line

Then the brush size adjusts to 3, hardness 100, and clicks the brush strokes in the path to select the simulated pressure

Effect as shown

Feel good, then draw a handle reflection, or the first pen to pull the map, and then fill the color, edge mask wipe, adjust the transparency appropriate

What does it feel like, a little bit?

Make a big high light, the same way, pull the map, then blur, adjust the transparency, mask rub edge

The shadows are the same, they look real.

And one thing is that the noise goes straight up and it feels fake.

So on this basis, add a cup layer on top (the first cup contour), fill in the same color, transparency adjustment, that looks like the noise effect in the Cup, the Cup handle also add camp effect, as shown

Does it feel like a motley bag in there?

Of course, the author said I made a blur after the noise, because pure add noise will feel very fake, of course, we can try

Finally, add a shadow.

How to do everyone should be very familiar with, pull the map, fuzzy, hehe

The final effect is compared to see

Feel similar, want to improve or use the original method to change step by step, look at personal level! Finally, we recommend our Learning Group, hope to learn the novice to join, Taobao art Apprentice, PS design enthusiasts can add

The above is the PS product Repair Diagram Skill Example explanation, hoped can be helpful to everybody, thanks reads!

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