A case study of using PPT2010 to make 3D columnar graphs

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In financial PowerPoint presentations, you often need to make charts to show your data. This paper, through a case, explains in detail how to make better use of PPT2010 in making a histogram with outstanding visual effects. A company's car sales data are: 2008 350, 2009 500, 2010 755, 2011 1100 units, 2012 1500 units.

The production method is as follows:

1. Insert the chart and select the clustered cylinder in the column chart.

2, according to the following figure to modify the data source, the series of data to the actual sales data. Delete the data for Series 2 and series 3. Here's how to do this:

The following results are obtained:

3, remove unnecessary title, axis, legend, grid lines, chart background. Here's how to do this:

The following results are obtained:

4, beautify the column chart, modify the three-dimensional effect. Select the column chart and right-click to select Format data series. In the pop-up dialog box, select three-dimensional format. Top Select bevel angle, height and width are set to 2 points. The surface effect chooses the plastic material.

5, set the shadow, select Center offset.

6, add the corresponding text.

Summing up, through this case, we can sum up two points of harvest. 1, by adjusting the graphics of the three-dimensional format of the parameters, you can get better visual effects. 2, by removing unnecessary title, axis, legend, grid line, chart background, etc., you can make the bar chart show more clearly.

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