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In the 20 years of the Internet surging, e-commerce with the rapid growth of the internet up. Different national conditions, market patterns and user habits make the electric business growth trajectory of China and the United States varies. Although there are obvious cultural differences between Chinese and American, when it comes to technical problems, users in both countries have strikingly similar demands. This is particularly true in the area of electronic commerce. The writer is Ernie Diaz, director of the marketing Department of Web Presence in China, who has been stationed for many years and has been committed to helping Western electric companies to connect with the Chinese market. The stone of his mountain can attack Jade. How much do the American and Chinese electric dealers have in common? Let's take a look at the situation of the Chinese electric Ernie from the perspective of China.

The 10 marketing experience in China has made me understand that Chinese users, like American users, follow the Malos demand hierarchy theory and have similar feedback and responses when triggered by the same emotion. Today's Chinese users are not influenced by their ancient culture when they shop online, and they are very aware of the real value of products from the Western world.

In fact, in the user experience, the demands of Chinese users are also broadly the same. Of course, you will still ask: "Why are China's electricity-business sites so different from those of the US?" The answer is simple: the difference between the two is not as great as you feel, and you can see that by looking closely. The most noteworthy point is that the "difference" is China's national conditions and the electronic business system itself, rather than the user. They are the same.

In China's electric business sector, consumer rights law is really starting to play a role in recent years, this is very different from Europe and the United States. For E-commerce, there is no special business management, there is no corresponding small litigation court, compared to the United States, the environment, China's e-commerce legal environment can be called wilderness. This near-lawless electric-business situation, combined with China's stringent information industry regulation, has made China's current Internet.

Today's China Internet power provider is a big platform of the world, heavy portal, high degree of integration, cross-functional. The various fields are no longer isolated, and the multiple-channel mix makes the boundaries between the fields blurred, but the basic principles do not change-Chinese users ' demands for the web will not change: convenience, transparency, and continued visual stimulation. I'll give you an example of the biggest electric business platform in China, the day cat.

The search box at the top of the home page is the most important entry for those who have a purposeful online purchase. However, as China's preferred consumer electronics platform, cat home on the top of the product categories on the left at all times there are millions of users in the click, browse, Filter.

Here, two things are worth noting:

1, hover the mouse over the navigation bar on the different items, the right side will show the corresponding characteristics of the product ads, rich in the form of layout design and short strong copy is their characteristics.

2, the advertising copy contains at least one English vocabulary, and a large number of advertising models are not Chinese.

Simplified Chinese characters in typesetting design compared to English there are obvious differences, and the addition of English words can make Chinese typesetting more rich form sense, eliminate monotonous feeling. But it is clear that the advertising content in these banner images rarely conveys family values and social concerns. Correspondingly, the second feature reflects the importance of the Western world. Under the premise that the burden of English education in China is greater than the income, many of the English words used for collocation are not easy to understand, or that many users do not care.

But the idea of many products and the benefits they bring are fundamentally rooted in the West. You have to admit that the vast majority of products in supermarkets are labeled "Made in China", but the Chinese business platform for these businesses is almost always exotic from the inside out. You look at the popular brands under the navigation bar, most of them are not Chinese brands, and models are blond and blue eyes, the Chinese copy is placed under the English slogan.

Indeed, many Western brands have an advantage over Chinese brands in the consumer market, and they are highly recognised by Chinese users. These non-Chinese models and English are the ones that emphasize the origins of these brands and products.

The sister of the cat station Taobao is a typical c2c electric business platform. You can find more international brand products on Taobao, but the sky cat is more attractive, stylish appearance, clear category, more systematic display, more quality design and service, so you can not be difficult to understand how the cat in the first half of 2013 to create 300 billion of dollars in sales.

Alibaba founder Ma Yun through Taobao, Cat and Alipay tamed China's original rugged electric business field, with the user rating and feedback system, as well as iron-like terms to build up the Chinese electric Shangtie.

Despite the fact that the cat "borrowed" a lot from Amazon's experience, the huge difference between the two in the product page layout is a stark reflection of the lack of trust between China's electricity dealers and users, who have had to sell sales, ratings, cumulative evaluations, descriptive ratings, service ratings, Users respond to the display, and so on a variety of different content to prove the authenticity and reliability of the product.

If you search for "memory card" in Amazon, you can see a very different page after you choose the item that is top of the product. Before you scroll to a lengthy user comment below, you will notice that the product is low priced, a short, lean product description, a simple logistics option that basically allows the consumer to make a decision.

But also after the cat has searched for the product, you will find that the amount of information the store offers to consumers is simply embarrassing for Amazon. The basic information provided at the top of the page is not very different from Amazon, but the following are very different:

The store score was based on a 5-point scoring system, the store scored 4.8 points, quite impressive, but it wasn't enough, then scrolling down to see more evidence, first greeted by a large number of product real shots:

The product introduction is not enough, the merchant also has to tell the user the official receipt long what kind of convenience they distinguish true and false:

Store description rating, service attitude, logistics speed, instant chat program (Ali Wangwang) are all concentrated in the sidebar:

Product packaging, logistics packages, built-in manuals, various details are clearly displayed on the page, with anything. All this information will help the merchant to persuade the user to buy the product.


Different forms of presentation do not obscure the convergence of the demands of Chinese and American users, and these differences are created by differences in national conditions and environment. Therefore, when designing for Chinese users (note that the goal of this article is to enter the Chinese market for foreign electric operators), we need to avoid the insurmountable cultural barriers. Therefore, you need to focus more on introducing the product's authenticity and quality to the user to make them understand what they see. The cat is a typical case, and you will find that other electric dealers in China are probably the same.

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