A clear way to bash logging in the Ubuntu system

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1. In the penetration test, to clear the current bash operation, many people will directly history-c clear, but this will take all the. Bash_history empty, a bit of common sense of the administrator can immediately find the problem. The solution is simple:

The right thing to do is to do it before launch.

The code is as follows:

Export Histfile=/dev/null

Export histsize=0

That's fine.

2. Login to the system, directly enter the following command, login SSH will not record history

The code is as follows:

unset HISTORY histfile histsave histzone HISTORY;

Export Histfile=/dev/null;

Export histsize=0;

Export histfilesize=0

3. The most abnormal place to record logs

The code is as follows:

[Root@c2 ~]# Vi/root/.bash_history

The log in this place is the ultimate log, can not be deleted directly, need to replace, replace the technique to see the following content, or directly modify

4. Delete IP tips in the log

The code is as follows:

Sed-i ' s/ ' abc.txt

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