A common error when Lua binds C + +

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1 Error parsing reanslation unit

In this case, first of all, your Python 2.7 and his plug-in installation is complete, the most likely reason is that they write the INI file, header path error, you can change this path to. h's absolute path to troubleshoot

2.dos2unix is neither an external nor an internal command, nor a program that can be run


Put the Dos2unix.exe file you downloaded from the Internet in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, and then rerun the script, you find that the error is not.

If not, you can configure the path in the environment variable to point to the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

Download directory for Dos2unix.exe: Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTghHzD

3 Interpolationmissingoptionerror:bad value substitution:

1 when executing the genbindings.py script file, do not execute on the external path of the file and require the CD to be executed under the file directory./genbindings.py

2 Additionally, when you execute the genbindings.py file, you encounter the Translationunitloaderror:error parsing translation unit. The prompt error, basically is the. ini file is not configured correctly, carefully check the. ini file "headers =" point to the correct path

3 further, when adding. hpp and. cpp to the cocos2d_lua_bindings.xcodeproj, target needs to tick iOS. When setting up userheadersearchpaths, be careful to select the Proj iOS target to set, do not select the Mac target option, otherwise the IOS environment compiles

4.MAC environment hint: Importerror:no module named Cheetah.template


From the error prompt know the missing Cheetah library, so first download the library from the http://pythonhosted.org//Cheetah/address, open the terminal, CD to download folder directory,

Input command: sudo python setup.py install

If Windows prompts this error, then also download Cheetan this library, and then install

A common error when Lua binds C + +

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