A complete experience in large-scale software projects is very valuable

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When people go up and down, we all hope to improve a little bit every year and make a higher level every year. We sometimes joke, say some people, you put the gold in his pocket, he will be too heavy, open the gold, continue to go forward, continue to look for food...

Although everyone has a lot of project experience, I don't know whether to organize the project experience or even work experience, the biggest benefit for developers is that the post-project experience is more valuable. Of course, the whole process experience can be obtained from the beginning of the project to the end of the project, which is more ideal, in the future, it will lay a solid foundation for your career improvement.

In fact, few people participate in projects from the beginning to the end, usually in the early stage, resign in the middle stage of development, or enter the project team in the middle stage of development, and resign in the later stage of project implementation, or simply quit. I don't know how to develop and implement this project. I just did some post-project maintenance work and completely bypassed the entire project tossing process.

In fact, in a complete software project, which of the following do you have to pay close attention? I simply sorted it out.
01. Who pulled the project? How to pull this project? How much business funds does the company provide? What is the income if I think I am a salesman?
02. Who are the customers? Who is the key person in this project? Who are the stakeholders of this project? What are their roles in the project?
03. What is the project duration? What functions are required? What is the customer's ideal schedule? What are customers' expectations?
04. How is the project bidding done? Who are our competitors? What tactics have we used to defeat our opponent?
05. What documents have been written for bidding? Why won the bid? Where are our strengths and weaknesses?
06. How is the project preparation?
07. How do I analyze project requirements, demonstrate model creation, and communicate with customers? How long does it take? What documents have been written?
08. How are project members organized? How are people managed? How is the division of labor in the project divided?
09. What is the project budget? Who has the final budget? What is the planned duration?
10. How do I get the weekly work report and project plan? What problems have occurred in project progress control?
11. How does the project charge fees? How is the project progress paid? How are project milestones determined?
12. How do we deal with more real customers and business elites?
13. How do I manage errors during project development?
14. How do I solve the technical difficulties encountered in the project?
15. How can I solve incomplete functions or functions that are not within the scope of the project?
16. What technical architecture is used in the project?
17. How is the technical hierarchy implemented in the project?
18. How are projects organized with other systems?
19. How do I deal with problems that may occur later?
20. How is online?
21. What functions are involved in the project during the launch? How was it solved later?
22. How can I end a project later? What happened? How are they solved?
23. What problems do customers have after they go online? What do you want to improve? Are customers satisfied?
24. Have you tapped into this customer in the future? Can you dig out another project?

Of course there are still many valuable knowledge points that can be learned through the actual project process.

With permission management and workflow management, one person can only do so few things well.
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