A complex heap sequencing program

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The method of sorting by heaps arranges the numbers in the array from small to large.

Compiler: GCC, compile environment: 32-bit system can compile normally; If it is a 64-bit system, use the-m32 parameter, or modify the assembly code section in the macro definition.

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <strings.h> #define PUSH (x) __asm__ volatile ("Push%         %eax "::" A "(x)) #define POP () ({register int _res;          __asm__ volatile ("Pop%%eax": "=a" (_res):); _res;})    typedef struct NODE{INT data; int seq;struct node *left;struct node *right;}    Node;node *head=null;void Exchange (node *a,node *b) {int tmp;    tmp=a->data;    a->data=b->data; B->data=tmp;}    Node *find_node (int i,node *head) {node *p=head;    int digit=0;    int ii=i;        while (ii!=1) {push (ii&1);        digit++;    ii>>=1;        } while (digit) {if (pop () ==1) {p=p->right;        }else{p=p->left;    } digit--; } return p;}    int compare_up (int i) {int tmp;    if (i==1) return 1; else{if (Find_node (i/2,head)->data > Find_node (i,head)->data) {Tmp=find_node (i/2,head)->da  Ta          Find_node (i/2,head)->data = Find_node (i,head)->data;            Find_node (I,head)->data=tmp;        return I/2;        }else{return i;    }}}void adjust_up (int i) {int tmp;        while (1) {tmp=compare_up (i);        if (tmp==i) break;    else i=tmp;    }}node *compare_down (node *p) {node *tmp;    if (!p) {return p;            } if (P->left!=null && p->right!=null) {if (P->left->data > P->right->data) {        tmp=p->right;                    }else{tmp=p->left;            } if (P->data > Tmp->data) {Exchange (P,TMP);        return (TMP);            }}else if (P->left==null && p->right!=null) {if (P->right->data < P->data) {            Exchange (P-&GT;RIGHT,P);        return (p->right); }}else if (P->left!=null && p->right==null) {if (P->left->data < P->data) {Exchange (P-&GT;LEFT,P);        return (P->left); }} return p;}    void Adjust_down (node *head) {node *tmp;    Node *p=head;        while (1) {Tmp=compare_down (P);        if (tmp==p) break;    else p=tmp; } printf ("%d", Head->data);}    void Mount_node (int i,int data) {node *tmp;    int digit=0;    int ii=i;    Node *p;        if (i==1) {head= (node *) malloc (sizeof (node));            if (!head) {printf ("1:malloc error!\n");        Return        } bzero (head,sizeof (node));        head->data=data;    head->seq=i;        }else{tmp= (node *) malloc (sizeof (node));            if (!tmp) {printf ("2:malloc error!\n");        Return        } bzero (tmp,sizeof (node));        tmp->data=data;        tmp->seq=i;            while (ii!=1) {push (ii&1);            digit++;        ii>>=1;        } digit--;        P=head;       while (digit) {     if (pop () ==1) {p=p->right;            }else{p=p->left;        } digit--;        } if (pop () ==1) {p->right=tmp;        }else{p->left=tmp;    }}}int Main (void) {/* to sort target */int data[]={23,45,1,-3,67,100,90,-2,1,1};    /* The head node sequence number is 1, which is summed backwards and forwards */int i=1;    Node *tmp;        /*for Loop builds the heap */for (; i<= (sizeof (data)/sizeof (int)), i++) {/* Generates a new node, hangs on a full binary tree */Mount_node (i,data[i-1]);    /* Adjust the heap once per insertion of a node, at which point the adjustment is adjusted from the current node to the top/adjust_up (i);    } i--;        /* Start output after building the heap */while (i) {/* because it is starting from the beginning of the node output, each output one will be adjusted once the heap, the adjustment is from the head node downward adjustment */Adjust_down (head);        /* Swap the end node in the heap with the head node, and the next while loop adjusts the heap for this change/Tmp=find_node (I,head);        Exchange (Tmp,head);        /* Release the end node */free (TMP);            /* Clears the parent node pointer for the end node */if (i!=1) {if (i&1) {Find_node (i/2,head)->right=null;     }else{Find_node (I/2,head)->left=null;       }} i--; } printf ("\ n");}

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A complex heap sequencing program

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