A comprehensive analysis of the misunderstanding of e-commerce website design

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1. Brand misunderstanding
The enterprise thinks oneself in the network brand and the offline brand is same, the cognition is very high, the result found that is not so, know not necessarily buy, do not know is not know. So business E-commerce must be put low posture, do not move enterprise height, you know, the world brand so much, why people must buy you, you know, sell your things not only yourself, there are many many electric operators in the business.

2. Product dumping misunderstanding
Enterprises believe that as long as I reduce prices, cheaper than offline, to do some big promotional activities, E-commerce can be done. It is not that promotion is merely a means of operation, not a business purpose. Often use promotional methods to carry out activities, in fact, is the enterprise dumping, will be some 1 years, 2 years, 3 years of the stock dumping out, of course, so many enterprises.

3. Product brand differentiation strategy brought about by the misunderstanding
The enterprise thinks that as long as separates the product or separates the brand, the user will certainly buy your account, will certainly pay for you. The reality is, when you separate the product, you may not be yourself, not a few companies can do Apple, do everything people buy. Online consumers are just as picky as offline consumers; the reality is, when you separate the brand, or use the vice card operation, online customers will have a sense of strangeness, as offline users do not accept you.
You know, your brand is built on your core products, when your product media changes, your brand will change, leaving the core products, the proliferation of brand value will be very difficult. For example, Nike suddenly tells you to make a female boot, will you buy it right away? Does your brand have the same height as Nike?
If you want to differentiate between brand and product, then you must treat yourself as a new person, not an old brand there to yell.

4. Senior player's mentality misunderstanding
Many enterprises say that E-commerce is just a channel, can play online under the turn, then the line will be very easy. E-commerce for me is not difficult to transcend, this mentality has made them not to learn "Amoy brand", not to learn "grassroots", that the grassroots will drop the face of the enterprise, that Taobao big sellers are relying on cheap to make money. This mentality will allow enterprises in the implementation of E-commerce, can not integrate into the e-business community. You know, even Taobao big sellers before selling is a bargain, but now the situation is someone else in the brand change, through the brand learning to develop their own, and the brand, thinking that they or brand, not to learn how big sellers first volume, it is very "cup."

In general, it is difficult to meet those who can be down-to-earth to do E-commerce enterprises, and enterprises can be down-to-earth to do, it will do well, in the final analysis, or the enterprise is not ready.

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