A comprehensive consideration of the 4 laws of thermodynamics (the basis of psychology: the energy-saving mode of life)

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From the 4 major laws of thermodynamics, the following facts can be drawn:

1) class 1th and category 2nd perpetual motive cannot exist; (1th, 2nd Law)
2) Non-equilibrium, the total existence of energy exchange between non-isolated systems; (No. 0 law)

We can think of life as a system a, and the surrounding environment can be seen as another system E. There are the following facts:
1) A and e are connected, there is a heat exchange between A and E;
2) The temperature of a is higher than the temperature of e, so the natural heat flow is from a to e;
3) A to obtain energy must be done using a special mechanism (such as photosynthesis, food digestion mechanism, etc.), the process is inverse entropy process, the efficiency of heat transfer is limited (2 laws of thermodynamics, etc.).

From the perspective of thermodynamics, life itself is a kind of inverse entropy behavior, in the face of strong natural entropy increasing trend, life needs to pay more to maintain this state of life.
Whether there is a long-term life temperature can be lower than the environment of life, it is unclear, but in general I think the possibility is very low, because the natural entropy increases, life needs to have the ability to regulate heat, the use of homeopathic adjustment should be easy, of course, theoretically is completely feasible. However, given that the vast majority of environmental temperatures are relatively low, life in the evolutionary process should be the former-life temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.

Since the background temperature of the whole universe is less than 3K, the average temperature of the Earth's environment is also lower than the body temperature, and life in the process of acquiring energy is a reverse process, so it is quite difficult. The food problem has always been a top priority for life, especially for advanced animals. The food chain from the low to the high end represents a process of gathering energy, given that efficiency cannot reach 100% (the 2nd law), so the number of life in the food chain must be gold tower type.

Given the characteristics of this energy transfer, life always chooses a practical principle of survival in the process of evolution: Energy saving is the first priority. Learning biology knows that the brain consumes more energy than any other part of the body, which is where most animals finally choose the energy-saving brain (simple and effective brain response mode is all that is needed). Although the human brain is very complex, but the brain in the process of dealing with the principle of energy conservation, the real day of human escape from the hunger is not very long (the 80 was born before the should have experienced). Thinking stereotypes, visual replenishment and other human computational processing mechanisms are natural. So a lot of human instinct and nature (such as greed, laziness, etc.) are the product of natural evolution, which is vital to the survival of mankind.

But now for human beings, the problem of energy has been solved gradually, so there is reason to get rid of this situation, make full use of the brain to think, to overcome some of the things we evolved, such as greed, laziness. Look at the world more objectively. In this way, the future of mankind will be more beautiful.

In fact, many of the phenomena and problems analyzed in psychology are derived from the evolutionary choice of life: Energy saving.

The so-called thinking stereotypes and thinking patterns are the rapid process of the brain in the process of processing external stimuli, but this mechanism can be used to brainwash, gambling addiction and so on.

PostScript: Life comes from nature, it can not be independent of nature and exist!


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A comprehensive consideration of the 4 laws of thermodynamics (the basis of psychology: the energy-saving mode of life)

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