A comprehensive course of grinding, trimming and blending of the late retouching techniques of PS portrait photography

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Introduction of various methods of grinding skin

Gaussian Blur is the most common most convenient, the use of PS from the basic tools can be done, the disadvantage is to deal with portrait close-up, the character of the skin easy to deal with too smooth to become plastic people.

With some plug-ins such as Topza, KODAK, noise-reducing grinding speed quickly, the disadvantage is not true. The most natural method is the combination of several PS basic tools, such as curve, color balance, or channel technology,

Make a natural real person to retain the pores of the skin. I summarized the portrait has two kinds of styles, one is in the sugar water slice that white in the red skin texture, does not see the pore, but also follows the light and shade principle,

Suitable for young girls sweet style, another is to retain pores, light and light feeling strong, skin has a variety of colors, business portrait and folk portrait in common, but quite time-consuming. The following figure is a comparison of two ways:

Second, pure sweet skin grinding Course

Wear-skin plug-ins are interested in a friend of their own research, here to say a Gaussian fuzzy grinding method. Skin before and after the contrast picture, not to the girl, I hope she don't see hit me ...

Step 1: First remove the spots, open the picture to be processed, copy a layer, select the Repair Brush tool. Click the right mouse button to adjust the brush hardness of 0, spacing default, adjust the brush to the appropriate size,

Hold down the ALT key, click the left mouse button in the vicinity of the spot to sample, loosen the ALT key, click on the spot, and disappear. This process has several shortcuts, hold down the ALT key and double-click the lock layer to unlock it.

Hold down the Alt+ctrl drag layer to copy a layer, hold down the ALT key to slide the mouse wheel can be enlarged to reduce the picture, hold down the space bar with the mouse can drag the enlarged image to move.

The speckle is completed as follows:

Step 2: Start the blur treatment of skin thinning. Copy the processed layer, execute the Gaussian Blur command in the filter, and the blur radius depends on the size of the picture, and then the layer below the blur

Copying a copy, moving to the top of the blur layer, now forms a clear-fuzzy-clear-original layer pattern. Select the Eraser tool, adjust to the appropriate size, hardness of 0, wipe off the first layer clear,

Exposing the lower layers of the blur layer, pay attention to preserve the original skin shape. See the following illustration effect:

After wiping, the opacity of the blur layer to 40% or so, can be a little more natural, the effect of the chart is as follows:

Step 3: Adjust the brightness. Hold down SHIFT to select the first three layers, press Ctrl+e to merge the layers, and click the categories in the Layer window :

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    • PS Grinding Course
    • PS Post-processing tutorial
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