A comprehensive understanding of the use of shift keys in Word

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1. Shift + DELETE key = Cut

When we select a piece of text in the resume form, hold down SHIFT and press the DELETE key to execute the cut command, and the selected text will be copied directly to the Clipboard, which is very convenient;

2. Shift + Insert key = Paste

This command corresponds exactly to the previous cut command, holding down SHIFT and pressing the Insert button is equivalent to performing the Paste command, the latest content saved in the Clipboard will be copied directly to the current cursor, with the above cut command, can greatly speed up the editing efficiency of the article;

3. Shift + F10 key = right mouse button

Holding down SHIFT and pressing the F10 function key is equivalent to executing the right mouse button at the current position, you may wish to try it when the mouse is not.

4. Shift + Save command = Save All

Holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the "File" menu, you will find that the original "save" command becomes "save All", and its role is to quickly save all the currently open Word resume form files.

5. Shift + Close command = all off

With "All save", Nature also have "all close", the operation method is still the same, hold down SHIFT key and then click "File" menu, the original "close" will become "all closed";

6. Shift + mouse = Select large chunks of text accurately

Some friends at work may often have to choose a large paragraph of text, the usual method is to use the mouse to drag the selection, but this method is generally convenient for small pieces of text, if you want to select a resume table some of the large text across the page, often appear in the mouse head of the situation, especially novice, it is difficult to grasp the speed of the mouse march. In fact, using the SHIFT key can easily solve this problem.

The specific operation, as long as the left mouse button to select the beginning of the text click, and then hold down the SHIFT key, click to select the end of the text, at this point, two clicks between all the text will be immediately selected, not only convenient, and absolutely no error.

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